Arc Four: Into The Spotlight



It's Hallowe'en, and Jewel are finally beginning the tour that the Misfit Music fire delayed. Taking advantage of the timing, Misfit Music's administration agree to a proposition from the British press - that Jewel should spend Hallowe'en night in an old Mediaeval castle not far from the Welsh/English border. Jewel are up for the challenge, and, despite the rumours that the place is haunted, are determined to do their bit for charity.
But the girls have reckoned without a rival - Jesta has never had much love for the American act and she is soon on their trail, determined to make them fail at the challenge. When Sadie disappears between her sister's house and the NEC, the Jewel girls know that something is amiss, but that is nothing compared to what Jesta has in store for Hallowe'en night.
But there are no such thing as ghosts...
Are there?

Chapter One: Flight To England
Chapter Two: A TV Welcome
Chapter Three: Avril
Chapter Four: A Rival
Chapter Five: Sadie's Family
Chapter Six: Suspicions
Chapter Seven: Bainbrook Castle
Chapter Eight: Jesta's Game
Chapter Nine: Trapped!
Chapter Ten: The Castle Ghost
Chapter Eleven: To The Rescue

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