Arc Five: Burning Ambitions


Sacred Vows I: To Have And To Hold

Copper and Aaron have finally set a date to tie the knot after the trauma and chaos of the previous few months, and at last it begins to feel like a reality for both bride and groom. But, in traditional Jewel style, the path is never smooth. As the invitations go out, Cynthia decides to interfere in Topaz's love life in the hopes of a happy ending for the singer's little girl, and, worse still, someone breaks into the Starlight Mansion and slashes Copper's beautiful wedding dress. Distraught, Copper begins to wonder if her wedding day is cursed.
Meanwhile, Stefana is having a hard time dealing with the finality of Aaron's wedding date. Her life is spiralling out of control, and under the influence of amphetamine she finds herself causing a terrible accident - to the one person who has always stuck by her. Frightened and alone, she flees Diablo, taking refuge at Aaron's apartment. But events at home still prey on her mind - has she really taken things too far this time?

Readers Please Note:
This story involves issues of drug abuse and other issues which might upset some readers.

Prologue: Steffi's Vice
Chapter One: The Bride To Be

Chapter Two: A Little Piece Of Hell
Chapter Three: Jewel
Chapter Four: Shopping Trip
Chapter Five: Copper's Dress
Chapter Six: A Devil Strikes
Chapter Seven: Gaynor To The Rescue
Chapter Eight: A Shock For Marissa
Chapter Nine: Wedding Plans
Chapter Ten: A Blow For Steffi
Chapter Eleven: Logan

Chapter Twelve: The Final Straw

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