Arc Five: Burning Ambitions


Sacred Vows II: In Sickness And In Health

Copper's wedding preparations are moving along, and guests are already arriving in Los Angeles in anticipation of the big day to come. Copper's younger sister Rosita is in town, excited and bubbly that her big sister is about to tie the knot. Nancy is horrified to discover that Aaron's best man Logan Matthews has apparently revealed one of her deepest kept secrets to Sylvina, and Topaz is equally shocked when she comes face to face with Cameron in a downtown coffee shop. Can she really keep the young Briton from meeting his baby daughter?

Meanwhile, Diablo are still stunned from the shock of Marissa's accident as they begin to realise that the repercussions have been even more serious for one of their number. Even if Marissa survives, the band are dangerously close to losing one of their own forever. Is there anyone Stefana can turn to in her darkest hour?

Readers Please Note:
This story involves issues of drug abuse and other issues which might upset some readers.

Chapter One: Madeleine

Chapter Two: Remeniscences
Chapter Three: A Shock For Topaz
Chapter Four: Marissa
Chapter Five: Dilemmas
Chapter Six: Ranieri vs Ranieri
Chapter Seven: Home Truths
Chapter Eight: The Bridesmaids
Chapter Nine: An Olive Branch
Chapter Ten: Stag Night
Chapter Eleven: Demons...and Angels

Chapter Twelve: A Broken Secret

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