Arc Five: Burning Ambitions


Sacred Vows III: Till Death Us Do Part

The truth is out of the bag, and, frightened, Topaz withdraws to the Starlight mansion, afraid that she will have to prepare for a bitter and lengthy battle. As Copper's wedding draws closer, the rifts between her and her former lover seem to be ever widening. and Sylva's well-meant interference seems only to be antagonising the situation. For his part, Cameron is still reeling from what he saw in the park. But how far will he go to ensure that he sees his daughter?

Stefana is clawing her way back to safety, and the tables are turning at Rebel Records. Put out by the power shift, Rory sets his spies on his errant guitarist, rootling out her secret. Now he wants to prove once and for all who's calling the shots, ordering her to ruin Aaron's wedding, or else!

Readers Please Note:
This story involves issues of drug abuse and other issues which might upset some readers.

Chapter One: A Father Should Be

Chapter Two: Stefana and Aaron
Chapter Three: Sylva Intervenes
Chapter Four: Stefana's Battle
Chapter Five: Common Ground
Chapter Six: A Special Meeting
Chapter Seven: La Familia Santiago
Chapter Eight: Hen Party
Chapter Nine: Rory's Scheme
Chapter Ten: Stefana's Dilemma
Chapter Eleven: A Friend Indeed

Chapter Twelve: Sadie Gets Involved
Chapter Thirteen: The Night Before

Chapter Fourteen: Closure

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