Arc Four: Into The Spotlight
 Blast From The Past


Los Angeles is in shock.
As the smoke clears over the charred remains of Misfit Music, the true extent of the damage begins to become clear. Whilst Nancy and her family struggle to come to terms with what has happened, Phyllis Gabor is more concerned in finding out who is responsible for the blaze. Before long the FBI are on the case, digging into the company files and background to try and discover who might have wished Jetta harm. With the only witness to the crime incapacitated, and no solid leads, the agents turn their attention to Jewel.
Meanwhile, Stefana is frightened that her sabotage attempts might have had a greater impact than she had expected and, afraid that she might be at least partially responsible for the fire, she pulls herself away, determined that her best mode of defence is to simply say nothing.
And Zoe has come to the conclusion that the dark stranger who frightens her mother must be her long-forgotten father - but what does he know about events at Misfit Music? Determined that she has to know the truth, whatever it might be, Zoe embarks on a quest to discover the truth about her father.
But why is Connie so keen to keep his identity a secret from her only child?
And what lies in store for Jewel, now Misfit Music lies in ruins?

Chapter One: Stormer Tries
Chapter Two: Phyllis Returns
Chapter Three: Justin's Vigil
Chapter Four: A Call Of Conscience
Chapter Five: Investigations
Chapter Six: A Fright For Zoe
Chapter Seven: Dean Takes A Hand
Chapter Eight: Questions
Chapter Nine: A Dead End
Chapter Ten: Flame
Chapter Eleven: A Ray Of Light

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