Arc Four: Into The Spotlight
 Blast From The Past


The investigation into the fire at Misfit Music is hotting up, and already the two federal agents seem to have amassed plenty of information to put a case together. Finally, it appears that they have a witness, but what is Jetta trying to tell her daughter?Who is responsible for the bomb at the Gabor Estate, and will Connie Montgomery chase away her demons enough to reveal what she knows? How far is Stefana involved? And can Sadie really put aside her fears and learn to trust Agent Bray?
In the midst of all this, Zoe is still trying to discover who her father is.
Surely she can't be related to the man who tried to kill Jetta Pelligrini?

Reader's Note
I am a big fan of continuity where I can keep it. Some of the events alluded to in this story line are better explained in one of my Misfit fiction arc, from which Jewel's World is directly descended. The story in question is "Clash's Revolt".

Chapter One: A Confession
Chapter Two: Jetta's Mind
Chapter Three: Alex and Sadie
Chapter Four: Jetta Speaks
Chapter Five: A Problem For Sadie
Chapter Six: Answer To A Riddle
Chapter Seven: Zoe Acts
Chapter Eight: A Shock For Stefana
Chapter Nine: Some Truths
Chapter Ten: Zoe Takes A Chance
Chapter Eleven: Truth Will Out

Chapter Twelve: A Close Shave
Chapter Thirteen: Zoe's Father


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