Arc Four: Into The Spotlight


(A Jewel Whodunnit)

When Sadie's secret past was revealed to the press, she did not think that things could get any worse but, accused of her ex-boyfriend's murder, the newest Jewel is terrified at the prospect of returning to jail. Meanwhile, the press are buzzing with the story and even Jewel themselves do not know what to think when evidence begins to point to their friend as the likely culprit. Sadie's own reticence to talk about the night of the murder also set people's suspicions alight and, in the middle of the melee Jetta is struggling to keep one step ahead of the authorities as she tries to work out exactly what happened that fateful night.
There is no doubt that Sadie hated Neal, but could she really be the killer?
And if so, what will happen to Jewel?

***Reader Discretion***
This story covers topics of abuse and drug usage which some readers might find distressing.

Chapter One: An Uncertain Reputation
Chapter Two: Reaction
Chapter Three: Questions
Chapter Four:  Back Home
Chapter Five: Complications
Chapter Six: The Net Closes
Chapter Seven: Jetta Demands
Chapter Eight: Startling News
Chapter Nine: An Unlikely Suspect
Chapter Ten: The Truth
Chapter Eleven: Amber

Chapter Twelve: Final Verdict

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