Arc Five: Burning Ambitions


(Part One: Lovesick)

Since their first record release, Jewel have amassed a huge fanbase of supporters, and letters through the post are nothing out of the ordinary. When Copper begins to get gifts, loveletters and flowers, the other girls think it's nothing more than a lovesick admirer. However, behind the scenes the beginnings of an evil plot are being set in motion. Phoebe Asche, once the conniving Stinger known as "Rapture" is back in Los Angeles, and she spies Copper's admirer as the perfect way to get revenge for events at the reunion concert. Enlisting Stefana's help, she concocts a plan to turn Copper's harmless admirer into a real nusiance. But Copper's fan is more obsessed than Stefana gives him credit for, and things take a sinister turn.
Will Copper escape his attentions unscathed?
And how far is Rapture willing to go to even the score?

Prologue: Downtown Los Angeles
Chapter One: A Special Task
Chapter Two: A Bitter Heart
Chapter Three: A Fan Letter
Chapter Four: A Valentine Surprise
Chapter Five: Cynthia's Advice
Chapter Six: Interception
Chapter Seven: Test Of A Friendship
Chapter Eight: Rendezvous
Chapter Nine: Cat Burglar
Chapter Ten: Phoebe's Plan
Chapter Eleven: Copper!

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