Arc Four: Into The Spotlight



It's never easy producing a new and fresh sound every time for a demanding audience, and Jewel are starting to feel the strain. Sadie's suffering from relationship trauma, Topaz is finding Hollie's needs are taking their toll, and Nancy's got writer's block with a vengeance. Somehow Jewel have lost their edge, and are at a complete loss about where their next single is coming from.
Then Cynthia has an idea, crazy enough that none of her friends realise what she's planning until the plot is well underway.
But how will the girls react when they wake up to 1980s Los Angeles?
And, more to the point, will they ever get back to the future?

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***Readers Note: For this story to work effectively, one of the scenes in the course of writing is based on and involves the dialogue from a scene in the Jem episode "The Bands Break Up". Elements of this fiction are also based on the premises set down in the aforementioned episode. That episode is copyrighted to Sunbow and it's original writers, which this website has no connection to!***

Copper, Nancy, Sylva, Anna, Blade, Raesha, Sirena, Topaz, Aaron, Sophie, Justin, Elliot, Rosita, Luis and any other characters in this fiction which do not appear in the animated Jem series are copyrighted to me (E.A Woolley) as of January 2002 <unless otherwise specified> and are not to be reproduced without permission ANYWHERE. Jetta, Pizzazz, Stormer, Roxy, Raya and all other original Jem characters are the copyright of Hasbro Inc, Sunbow, Christy Marx and the other writers of the Jem series. The future world of Pizzazz, Raya, Jetta, Roxy, Stormer, Clash, Synergy, the fate of Jem and her memorial are all copyrighted to me. The future world of Kimber and Shana is copyrighted jointly to myself and Gemma Dawn.
The concept of 'Jewel' is entirely my own, and any apparent link with any fictional or actual person or persons of this name is entirely coincidental. Equally the characters in this fiction are not based on any real life individual.
The concept behind the future world of Danse, Aja and Craig, the idea behind Jerrica's futureworld and the split of the Holograms is copyrighted to Gemma Dawn, whose Teenangel Outsiders fiction is directly twinned with Just a Dream. The character Sammi and any of the other Teenangel Outsider characters mentioned in this fiction are entirely copyright to Gemma Dawn and appear here only with her permission.
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