The Fate of LinZ...?

Her fate is decided.
88% of poll voters said that she is STILL ALIVE.
13% of poll voters said that she is DEAD.
So. LinZ is still out there, somewhere, waiting to be brought back into the fray.
Watch out for a LinZ story, probably when you least expect it. And I do hope you all realise exactly what you've asked for...*wicked cackle*
Thank you to EVERYBODY who took the time to cast a vote in my poll!!


For a variety of reasons, people will probably have realised that my Jewel writing has ground somewhat to a halt. I don't say it will never be continued - but for the time being my brain has skipped on from Jewel fiction to other things, and try as I might it won't go back.

That being said, there are two stories I wrote out of sequence which have never yet been uploaded. I have now added them to the site, since there seems little likelihood of me writing more to this continuity for a while, if ever.

Please see the What's New/Updates for more details - and thanks to everyone who has supported Jewel's World for so very long!! Believe me, if I ever get back on the Jewel curve, I'll be back writing them again!

So, what is Jewel's World, in a nutshell? And who are Jewel?
Quite simply, Jewel's World begins a good twenty years or so after the Holograms and the Misfits (and the Stingers, but we won't talk about them for the moment) have finished plying music in Los Angeles. Pizzazz and Jetta now run Misfits Music. Jerrica runs Starlight Music and is married to Rio, though a misunderstanding between her and Aja split the Holograms apart and they are now all over the world. Raya has become a successful actress, marrying film director Esteban Santiago. Stormer lives with her husband in Washington DC, and noone is quite sure where Roxy is at any given time.
Jewel themselves are Misfits Music's hottest young hopefuls. Comprising initially of Stormer's impetuous and frivolous daughter Sylvina (Sylva), Jetta's intense and reclusive child Nancy (Goldie) and Raya's sweet natured and gentle eldest Elizabeth (Copper), the group soon adds Canadian singer Aurora Stapleton (Topaz) to their number as they encounter pitfalls and problems in the music industry of the twenty first century.

And of course, where would we be without those? Rory Llewelyn (Once Riot of the Stingers) has not been sitting on his backside all these years. He's started up his own music company, Rebel Records, and it's now the turn of Misfits Music to be the ones constantly under harassment and dirty tricks from various of his employees. Aside from Sirena, Pizzazz's bitter estranged daughter, he also fields the eclectic Diablo, with their "little piece of hell" Stefana always willing to raise the stakes, no matter what the cost.

And so, that's pretty much where we are, except to say that the reason for the new look site is that in some ways Sacred Vows (in it's three parts) and Mother's Pride (the closing stories of the last arc) mark an ending to a lot of the existing open plots. So then there were only two ways to go - stop writing (but I love writing about these girls!) or take a drastic decision on how things are about to go. Thankfully the decided upon drastic "change" was actually not my idea this time (yes, no hate mail this way, please! LOL) - I'm unsure quite how people will react to it and whether or not people will see it as a big deal event or not. From my point of view I think it is - if for no other reason than it gives me a chance to write extensively about one of the more backstage stars of the original series - one whom Jewel's World has made me ever more fond of! In short, Jewel's World has entered a 'new dawn' - with new challenges and new rivals, many of which are unexpected and unpredictable.

Jewel's World can't go on forever, and I am writing with a specific finale in mind. It's a way off yet, and I know how Jewel will end up. It will comfort noone upon reading the first story in the new arc that we are completely unafraid to do very drastic things.

You have all been warned.;)
Thanks for reading, and for supporting Jewel's World with your interest!


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