1: Just A Dream
2: To Be A Star
3: When Life Goes On
4: Into The Spotlight
5: Burning Ambition

Jewel's World 2015
1. New Dawn
2. New Rivals
3. New Challenges

~Timeline: Connecting Jewel's World to the original series and to my Misfit Fiction at Britrock
~Where Are They Now: What the original stars of the show are doing at the time of Jewel's World
~Jewel Art: Pictures done for Jewel's World by people with more talent than me!
~Character Biographies: Who's Who in Jewel's World
~Jewel Dollz: Adoptable Dollz for your website!
~Updates: What's New In Jewel's World?

Check out my friend Gemma Dawn's Teenangel Outsider site - their universe crosses over with Jewel's!