Name: Luca Ranieri
Date Of Birth: June 30th, 1989
Starsign: Cancer

Luca is Stefana's long suffering older brother. He is Diablo's frontman, as easy-going and charismatic as she is confrontational, and he is devoted to his sister, although his over-attentiveness rarely brings him much in the way of gratitude. Having made a promise to his late father Giani at that man's death to take care of Stefana, Luca takes his responsibilities seriously and no matter how much Stefana might complain, Luca is always there to help her out.

Luca, along with Clay, was the mastermind behind the setting up of the band back in Connecticut, where he grew up. Something of a ladies man, Luca met singer Madeleine Dacourt at college and dated her before she joined the band setup, only breaking up with her when it transpired that his sister was uncomfortable about the relationship and needed his support back home. No longer dating, Luca and Maddy are fast friends and often hold the group together. Luca also tends to see Marissa as being as much his kid sister as Stefana is. Not arrogant, Luca is confident and genial, winning him many fans and admirers, and he persists in his lovelife despite Stefana's best efforts to thwart him. Luca is loyal and does not long bear grudges. However, sometimes his concern and perceived responsibilities are a bit misplaced and inspire more resentment in his sister than gratitude.
He has no idea that Stefana is mixed up in the drug scene, and often his affection for her blinds him to some of her wilder exploits.

Luca falls in love with Sirena as soon as he sees her, but she doesn't quite know how to take his attention, often resulting in frustration for them both. Luca's persisitance and patience is often rewarded, however, and his genial attitude can often smooth over any negative vibes. It is Luca who is there for Sirena when she discovers her father has betrayed her, and it is Luca who slips neatly into the role of surrogate father for baby Michael. However, Luca wears his heart on his sleeve and after a particularly hostile fight with Sirena in a public venue, he winds up complicating matters by sleeping with Jewel's Topaz - an event which garners him much unwanted publicity both at the time and over the next few months.

 Though Diablo was his brainchild, Luca is not a composer and though he contributes the occasional lyric, he
tends to leave writing up to his bandmates.