Jewel's World: New Dawn

Part Three:

Synergy has never been more needed than now.
In his secret hideout, Techrat has breathed life into his beloved creation Athena, and, with help from Ingrid and Sophie, has sent her out on her first mission - taking down Rebel Records' Rory Llewelyn. But Athena has more than a simply framing in mind, and Stefana is the only one who knows she's out of control. The stakes have never been higher - and the Diablo guitarist realises with startling clarity that looking out only for herself won't work this time. If she doesn't choose her side, people might get hurt - but which side will she choose to take?
At the Tribune, Darren McMillan's investigation steps up a notch when one of his sources discovers large power emissions coming from an abandoned school in a bad part of town. Convinced he has found Synergy and caught Stefana in a lie, he hurries to expose her secret  -but finds more than he bargains for. Darren could be the only one who can save Stefana's life - but how far will he go for a story?
And, with Aaron's diligence and Copper's gentle reasoning, Cynthia has managed to overpower Jacqui's impulses, ripping apart her system in her quest to regain her sanity. She knows that she may be the only one who can stop Athena before she hurts someone - but she is weak, and fading fast. Has Cynthia really managed to eradicate Jacqui from her system? Or will she and Athena join forces to wreak havoc on Los Angeles?
And will Synergy have to sacrifice her own life in order to see that her friends are safe?

Readers Please Note:
The prologue to Jacqui's Legacy includes two quotes from Emmet Benton's diary which are taken from the Jem episode "Out of the Past". These, therefore, are copyrighted to Hasbro and Sunbow and the original writer and not to Jewel's World or myself.

Chapter One: A Plea For Help
Chapter Two: Phoenix
Chapter Three: Federal Help
Chapter Four: A Tangled Web
Chapter Five: Assassin
Chapter Six: Panic For Sophie
Chapter Seven: Athena Strikes Again
Chapter Eight: Cynthia's Ruse
Chapter Nine: Martyr
Chapter Ten: Stefana
Chapter Eleven: Nemesis
Epilogue: White Flag

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