Chapter Two: Tante Regine

"So, how's everything in the crazy world of Diablo?"

Regine Cesare cast her niece a grin, as she finished arranging a set of outfits on the back of her sofa in her cluttered front room "Busy as ever? It's been a little while, Maddy...I almost wondered if you'd forgotten about me."

"Forget about you? Tante Regine, never!" Madeleine grinned, dropping down into an empty seat and carefully moving the scraps of planning paper that littered the arm. "And this place is as organised as ever, I see! I thought the whole point of you and Shana having premises together was to make sure your home wasn't doubling as a studio workshop."

"Well, I find it hard to leave all my work at work sometimes." Regine's eyes twinkled mischievously. "A sentiment I know you understand, ma cherie."

"True." Madeleine looked rueful, nodding her head in acknowledgement. "But not today. Actually, I was glad to get your call. Things are a bit weird at home at the moment."

"Luca is still not made up with Emily, then?" Regine pushed her pins to one side, taking a seat herself. Madeleine shook her head.

"No." She admitted. "And it's bothersome."

"Why bothersome?" Regine raised an eyebrow. "There was a time, not so long ago, that you would have been happy to snare Luca for yourself."

"You know full well why that's not an option now." Madeleine grimaced at her. "Besides, Luca's not happy. He's in love with her...and missing her. And she's stupid, if she's going to just turn him away and let him go like that. He's too good a man to be dumped so easily. She has no clue what she's doing."

"Sounds to me like you're still more than a little partial to your friend Luca's company, Mad." Regine looked amused. Madeleine frowned.

"Yes." She agreed. "But right now I'm acting in his interests as a friend. Sure, he was an ape to get involved in what was going on in Canada, and he has got this annoying habit of jumping in and trying to play protector hero guy whenever someone is in trouble. But the depressed vibe spreads and that affects our I'd like one of them to get their heads straight sooner rather than later. His mind isn't on his music...and it should be."

She pursed her lips ruefully.

"And obviously, I'd find it a lot easier if he was back with Emily than I do listening to him mope about her and knowing he's a free agent again." She added. "So if they don't start talking to one another pronto, I may have to get involved and make them do it."

"Stay out of it, that'd be my advice." Regine shook her head. "I know you want the best for Luca, ma chere, but match making seldom works."

"I know." Madeleine sighed. "Last night we went for a picnic. Tante Regine, I told him how I felt...sort of. And I know he doesn't feel like that about why did I tell him? I never have before. It's stupid. It's not like I can do a damn thing about it, anyway. Luca is the last person I would want to hurt. But it was all so relaxed last night - like it used to be between us, once. I almost think that, if things were simpler and he got over Emily, I'd have a shot. But..."

She spread her hands.

"Muddy waters." She said succinctly.

"Perhaps." Regine inclined her head slightly. "Or you could tell him everything, and see how he reacts. Couldn't you? Just because you feel the way you do, it doesn't mean he would think the same. You are still very close...and what was it you said to me before you left Cali for Connecticut, all those years ago? That at least you'd be with friends in Hartford? Not strangers?"

"Tante Regine, stop it." Madeleine pulled a face. "Stop giving me ideas. I don't try and tell you to get over Russell and move on, so stop doing it to me, huh? I can't go there. You of all people should understand that. Let it go, huh? And let's talk about something else."

"All right." Regine eyed her niece thoughtfully for a moment, then shrugged her shoulders. "But Russell died, cherie. You and Luca are both very much alive. And where there's life - is it worth giving up all hope?"

"In this case, yes." Madeleine said firmly. "Now, enough. You didn't invite me here to annoy me about my long time ex-boyfriend and his romantic trauma, did you?"

"No, actually, I did not." Regine laughed. "I've been working on your stage outfits for your concert at the end of the month. I haven't quite finished them yet, but I wanted you to be the first to see."

"Ooh! Sneak preview?" Madeleine's eyes lit up. "Tante Regine, you know your work is always amazing! I can't wait to see what you've got for us this time around."

"Follow me, then." Regine dimpled. "And I'll show you. I usually keep them at work, but I wanted to finish hemming yours and Marissa's before tomorrow. I have a lot to do then...and Stefana's is any woman's work at one time."

"It would be." Madeleine rolled her eyes. "All right. But I swear you guys give her too much lee-way with her own peculiar fancies when it comes to costume. I'd love to see you put her in pink and lavender."

"But then, that wouldn't be the little piece of Hell." Regine was amused. "Rory Llewelyn likes that label, and since he's paying this bill, I won't disappoint him."

"No, I suppose it'd be more Cinderella than the Wicked Witch." Madeleine laughed. "All right. Let's see what you've got."

"I thought relations had improved between you and the young Miss Ranieri, anyhow?" Regine asked, as she led the way through to the back room. "I was of the impression you'd called a truce...of sorts, anyhow?"

"Well, yes." Madeleine pursed her lips. "I think I understand her more than I did before, if that's what you mean. I've even found that spending time in her company isn't as much of a trial these days as it used to be - but that's a whole other issue. She's still wild, still rude, still uncompromising. Maybe I've gotten more tolerant, or maybe fighting with her is just not worth it any more. Either way, I guess you could say we're approaching friendship. Tentatively."

"Then that's a good thing." Regine remarked. "You've never been quite fair to that girl."

"Excuse me?" Madeleine stared. "I've never been fair to her? Have you heard some of the abuse she's flung at me in the past? You name it and she's probably used it - and none of it with any justification! How have I not been fair to her?"

"Well, I haven't forgotten what you said to me about her before you left California to join up with the group properly." Regine said wisely, pushing a curtain aside and indicating for her niece to come to join her. "You said she'd taken away your only chance with Luca, and that you wouldn't forgive her for if everything else was her fault in some way. You went there determined not to like you shouldn't have been surprised if she started to dislike you too."

Madeleine eyed her aunt thoughtfully for a moment.

"Well, noone's ever accused you of not telling me what you think." She said at length. "But believe me, it hasn't all been on my side. The first thing she said to me when we met was 'Keep your dirty paws off my brother, and we'll be fine.' And despite the fact he and I have been just friends since, she's still singled me out."

Regine laughed.

"I don't pretend to understand band chemistry, but I do know you make a good sound." She said, reaching to pull an outfit off the rail. "And you know I'm on your side, Madeleine, regardless of what I say. Even if I don't agree with the things you decide...I'm still happy to work with them."

"I know that." Madeleine grinned. "Which is why I love coming to see you so much."

Then, as Regine handed her the costume, "Oh! Tante Regine, please tell me this one is mine. It's gorgeous...where did you get the fabric? It's perfect!"

"I'm a designer. Finding perfect fabrics is in the job description." Regine looked pleased at the praise. "And yes, cherie. That one is yours. It suits your colouring far better than a paler colour would. And this one, for Marissa." She fingered another. "You approve?"

"You gave her the pinks and lavenders." Madeleine grinned. "Yes, I do. And at least I know she'll wear them without blinking."

"Well, diversity can be good." Regine winked, taking the outfit back and replacing it on the rack with the other. "So there you go. You can tell the others how it comes along. Clay and Luca's are at work still - but they are coming along nicely now. We will be ready soon for fitting and final tweaks."

"Good." Madeleine looked satisfied. "Thanks, Tante Regine. I always appreciate it, even though I know how you feel working for Rory."

"I don't work for him. I work for you." Regine shrugged. "And that is important to me."

She linked her arm in her niece's, leading the way back to the main sitting room. "So, ma chere, tell me something more. What has happened since last we spoke? Did you see your mother like you were going to?"

"No." Madeleine admitted. "I was, but then something here cropped up and you know Rory. Besides, sometimes I think it's better I don't go home and see her. You know that all I'll get is the spiel about marriage and babies and reminders of Anne Marie's expanding brood. Surely she's had enough of grandchildren by now? You would think so."

"She was the same to me, though, and so was my mother before that." Regine said, amused. "They pestered me to find someone, and then when I did find someone, oh, well, I must marry him before it was too late...before I was too old to have children and a family and a proper home like they did."

She shrugged. "Perhaps you and I are more from the same mould, and your mother and mine another. What do you think?"

"I think so." Madeleine grinned. "I've always kinda admired the fact you stuck to your guns, focused on your career with Shana and didn't bother about marrying someone just because they wanted you to. I know you didnt meet Russell till I was at least...what? Fifteen? Sixteen? I remember Mom mumbling how you'd left it all so late and then throwing a fit when you told her you planned to live together but not actually tie the knot."

Regine laughed.

"Yes." She admitted. "Well, that was Russell. He'd been divorced once before and didn't want to go through the marriage thing again. I didn't really think about children, and he had enough trouble getting visitation rights for his two boys from his first marriage. So it didn't really matter to me that we take that step."

She sighed, looking wistful. "Though sometimes, I admit, it would have been nice to have had his ring before..." She said softly. "But you can't take back time, and I won't ask to."

"You still think about him?"

"As much as you do Luca, cherie." Regine said ruefully. "I have his medals, his uniform, photos...things to remind me that he went out and gave his life doing something he believed in doing. But yes, I miss him. Always will."

She grinned, reaching over to squeeze her niece's hand.

"But things happen for a reason, and if I ever regretted not having my own children, I've always had my sister's youngest to comfort me." She teased. "Now you live in Cali, I see you more often than I ever did when you were a little girl. I like it that way. I'm glad we're so close."

"Me too." Madeleine nodded. "And that there's someone in this crazy city who I can talk to, if I need to. And who's willing to act as a safe house. I should trust my roommates not to go through my things, but..."

"But you don't?" Regine raised an eyebrow.

"Steffi does have a track record." Madeleine admitted. "Either way, they're safer here with you. Noone can stumble on them then, not by accident. There's only you here to find them, and well, you won't tell anyone."

"No. You've always had my word." Regine said solemnly. "Trust between family is unbreakable, or so my grandfather used to say."

"He was a smart dude." Madeleine grinned. "I wish I'd met him."

"How is...well, everything, anyhow?" Regine sat back in her chair. "Have you been recently?"

"Last month." Madeleine pulled a face. "Told Luca I had to see the dentist. He must think my teeth are all falling out by now."

Regine laughed,

"Poor Luca." She said softly. "And? What was said?"

"Nothing much." Madeleine shrugged. "No change. Everything is status quo."

"Good." Regine looked satisfied. "Though I know you would tell me if it wasn't, wouldn't you? I know you like your secrets."

"You, Tante Regine, I'd tell right away." Madeleine promised. "I owe you that much at least - no secrets between us."

"Ah, I'm glad about that." Regine smiled. "I have to admit, I think your choice of career suits you. I was not sure when you first decided to go back to Connecticut and take up with them - but you made the right choice."

"I think so too." Madeleine pursed her lips, sitting back in her chair. "Part of me would have loved to have been a Harvard grad, Tante Regine. Just because I worked my butt off to get that letter, and then everything kinda went wrong. But then again, I don't know as I would have done as much through those channels as I have through Diablo. It's unconventional, perhaps, and I did regret it more at the time. But now..."

She shrugged.

"C'est la vie." She said philosophically. "I never told anyone but you that they accepted me, so nobody has ever given me grief about it. It's easier that way. I mean, who turns down Harvard? Really?"

"Well, you did." Regine looked amused. "And I really thought at one point I may have a niece heading for the White House - or at the very least, Congress or the Senate. You got so involved and passionate in the Student Union and student activities at UCONN that I half expected to be paying visits to my niece, the President, at some point in the future."

"Don't tease me." Madeleine looked rueful. "I never had my eye on the White House. But I did think about that when I put in my application. I was all for working through their system and coming out the other side with diplomas everywhere. Seems crazy now - but I'd still be there, probably, in some capacity. Studying. Wasting time."

She shook her head.

"I don't think I could go back to it now if I wanted to." She added. "But the fewer people who know that happened the better."

"My lips are sealed." Regine winked. "Don't worry."

*    *    *    *    *    *

"Well, here we are."

Robin reached over to grab his case from the long black caterpillar of luggage, turning to send his companion a grin. "Little Rock, Arkansas. Not far feels weird to be on home turf."

"It feels weird for you?" Nancy demanded, scanning the remaining cases for her own bag. "I had to talk myself into coming here as much as I had to talk Mom and Aunt Phyl into giving me the time off. I've played cities in the south before, but..."

"But you've never been to Arkansas." Robin looked amused, leaning across her to retrieve her bag. "Here...this one's yours, ain't it?"

"Yes." Nancy agreed. "And no, I've never been to Arkansas. Through it, sure. But we never played."

She sighed, taking her bag and dumping it on the old silver trolley. "We were supposed to, when we last came south, but there was a fire at the venue here and so we skipped the place completely. Too short notice to reschedule, so it just got wiped."

"I bet that made folks hereabouts real happy." Robin reflected. "Just because it's the South doesn't make it the dark side of the moon, Nancy. Little Rock is a city just like Los Angeles is one. You just haveta keep an open mind. That's all."

"Well, I'm doing my best." Nancy managed a smile. "It just seems sudden. We're seeing each other, we're sleeping I'm meeting your family? I'm kinda looking for the brakes."

"It will be fine." Robin took her gently by the hand, casting her an affectionate smile. "Once you meet my Mom and Mary Jane, well, you'll know that as much as I do. I might be biased, but they're two of the nicest people Carrowville has to offer. And this means a lot to them as well as it does to me. Think you can stick it out?"

"Oh, I'll be all right." Nancy raised her dark eyes to his, noting the apprehension behind his light tone. "I'm sorry, Robin. Nerves, that's all. I want to make a good first impression. I already feel like the odds are stacked against me...and it's giving me the jitters."

"Well, there's no need." Robin assured her. "And even if you haven't been here before, I have. I know where I'm going, so follow me, okay?"

"Are we getting a cab from the airport to the hotel?" Nancy asked. "Or..."

"No, on both counts." Robin shook his head. "Mary Jane is picking us up, and we're staying at her place, not a hotel. There, well, ain't many hotels in Carrowville. So she offered to rent us room space and I told her that'd be fine."

He paused, eying her expression.

"Is it fine?"

"I don't know." Nancy confessed. "I guess it is, if she offered."

"Well, she did." Robin responded. "But that's Mary Jane for you. She always is like that. When I came out of prison..." He paused, looking rueful. "Well, there was some folks said I shouldn't be trusted near her children, but she took me in anyway. We're as close as you and Aaron, in honesty. Always have been. I'm looking forward to you meeting her."

"She has children?" Nancy asked. "Won't we get in her know, if she has a family and all?"

"She has two children." Robin nodded. "Allie is three and Gregory is almost five. But you won't see them this trip. They and their Dad are in Texas visiting his mother for the week, and so we'll be in noone's way. She stopped behind because of Mom's birthday party."

"Oh." Relief flickered in Nancy's eyes. "Well, that's probably good. I mean, I'm not really comfortable around kids. Topaz's daughter is one thing, Rob, but strangers I'm not sure about. It's probably the best thing that they're, you know, out of town."

"Maybe." Robin agreed. "Although I was hoping to see my niece and nephew again. Still, it can't be helped."

He paused, eying her keenly.

"It will mean, of course, that we won't be sharing a room." He said slowly. "I mean, it's not something I could ask of Mary Jane, and, well..."

"It's all right." Nancy offered a smile. "In some ways, I prefer that we don't share. I mean, I love you and all, Rob, you know I do. But I still need my space too...and I'd rather not upset anybody in your hometown before we've even met by expecting things to be the same as they are in LA. I know you told me about your Mom, but, well...I'd rather not take chances."

"Good." Robin grinned. "I'm glad you understand. But I don't think you'll find Carrowville as awful as you're expecting, Nance. I spent my whole childhood there. It wasn't so bad. Actually, quite often I miss it against the bustle of Los Angeles."

"You ever think you'd move back to Arkansas permanently?" Nancy asked as they made their way through to the arrivals hall. Robin shrugged his shoulders.

"I don't know." He owned. "I'm still a Southern boy at heart, Nance. But so many things happened here...well, I don't know. Perhaps one day...but not any time soon. I've settled in Los Angeles, and well, that's where you are, so that helps."

A glimmer of a smile touched Nancy's lips.

"I spent my childhood there." She agreed. "We couldn't be from more different worlds."


Before Robin could respond, someone shouted his name and they both turned to see a plump young woman of about Nancy's age, with thick chestnut hair tied back from her face with a red band and a sprinkling of freckles across her nose. Excitement glittered in the woman's hazel eyes and, despite the fact she was a head shorter than Robin, Nancy could see enough in her features to realise that this was her boyfriend's sister. She swallowed hard, as Robin crossed the floor to greet her, enveloping the woman in a tight hug.

"Hi, Mary Jane." He said warmly. "It's good to see you."

"And you. Smiling, no less!" Mary Jane's tones were teasing and playful, and she returned the hug affectionately. "Good flight?"

"Not too bad. More or less on time." Robin told her. "I hope you haven't been waiting ages."

" here about a half hour ago, checked the board and saw you were coming in on time so it all worked out pretty good." Mary Jane dimpled. Her gaze flitted to Nancy, and a wide smile lit up her face.

"And you're Nancy, yes? You must be. Don't be shy...I've been dying to meet my brother's new flame ever since he told me he'd met someone in Los Angeles."

"Yes, I'm Nancy." Startled by the mode of address, Nancy hurriedly gathered her composure, returning the smile. "And you're Mary Jane."

"Yes, that's me." Mary Jane dimpled again, reaching out a hand to take Nancy's, and pulling her to join them. "Welcome to Arkansas. I know Carrowville will be new to you - I hope Rob hasn't told you too many horror stories of it?"

Her eyes twinkled at this, and despite herself, Nancy laughed.

"No, not too many." She responded. "No more than the average day in Los Angeles, anyway. I think I can survive it."

"That's good." Mary Jane winked at her. "Do you have everything? Robin, Mom's dying to see you. She's been freaking out at me over the phone for the last hour and a half before I came out, demanding that I call her the minute we get in and send you over there to see her right away. I think she's expecting some kind of epiphany or something, the way she's talking - but you will go see her, won't you? You know how she is - but she's missed you and she'd like to see you."

"I'll go." Robin looked amused. "Don't worry. I know better than to keep Ma waiting."

He glanced at Nancy, slipping his hand into hers. "And we're ready. Just these two bags. Where are you parked?"

"Not far." Mary Jane assured him. "Nancy, you're all right with road travel, I hope? It's about three hours drive from here to Carrowville - but I had to come meet my brother personally. It seems such a long time since the last time I saw him!"

"Trust me, I've been on longer trips." Nancy assured her. "I'm fine. Really."

She pursed her lips, then,

"It might be nice to see something of the state. You know, passing through."

"That's the spirit." Mary Jane grinned. "Then follow me. It's just this way...third bay from the end. Your bags can go in the trunk...there should be room in the back to sit. I took out Allie's child seat and made Will shift all his junk before he left for Texas, so we should be okay."

She led the way through the glass double doors towards the aforementioned bay, pausing to unlock her vehicle and Robin lifted the bags, flipping open the boot and tossing them both inside.

"Nancy, come sit in the front with me." Mary Jane begged once her brother was finished stowing the luggage, pulling open the passenger door. "Robin can lounge around in the back...He's no big fan of riding up front anyhow, and I'd like to get to know you."

"Oh." Nancy looked surprised, then, "All right. If that's okay with Robin."

"Fine by me." Robin nodded his head, reaching for the back door, then pausing. "Hey, when did you get seatbelts fitted into this old junk heap, Mary? That's a new thing."

"Well, it had something to do with the fact you wouldn't set foot inside it when it didn't have any...coupled with the fact I've two kids who like to wriggle their way around the car." Mary Jane said ruefully. "I took your hints, aren't you proud of me? But Jack Slater fitted them - didn't cost too much because of him and Will being such good friends, and well, I guess I needed them."

She gestured to Nancy to climb into the front. "Here you go, Nancy. Don't mind the bit of rug - Will has this bright idea that it protects the floor of the car, though what protects it from his ugly taste in carpeting is anyone's guess."

She pulled open the driver's door, getting in and pulling it shut with a bang, fastening her seatbelt. "All right - everyone in? I'd like to get as close to home as we can before the sun gets too high. I know you're from California, Nancy, so you're probably used to things being warm and sunny, but I prefer to see to drive, and if recent weather's anything to go by, we're in for another scorcher. Been like this since Easter...we're still waiting for the rain."

"Weather in Cali can be like that." Nancy admitted. "Dry and hot and dry again at the weirdest times. And then the storms hit...and when they do, boy do you know about it."

"No kidding." Robin said ruefully. "Three days after I got to LA, I got caught in one walking back to my hotel from the local seven-eleven. Never again."

"So, Nancy, tell me about you." Mary Jane said companionably, as she pulled out onto the main road, checking for oncoming vehicles as she manoeuvred herself into lane. "I know what Robin's told me, of course - that you're musical and all that, but I'm curious. Are you a Cali native, or are you a nomad like my brother?"

"Native, I guess." Nancy was startled. "At least, I was born in California. I grew up in Los I guess that makes me native."

"You don't sound convinced." Mary Jane's tone was playful. "Is it that bad down there?"

"No..." Nancy paused, considering. "No, not that bad. But neither of my parents are from the city. My Dad's from New York and my mother's from London, England. So in some ways I don't feel completely Californian."

"England, huh?" Mary Jane looked interested. "Ever been yourself?"

"Many times, now." Nancy nodded. "I love England. It's a second home, kind of. Mom and I are really close, you see, so I like going."

"You'll forgive all the questions, won't you?" Mary Jane looked anxious. "It's just, well, Robin's been something of a lone wolf for the last few years and..."

She paused, meeting her brother's expression in the mirror, and offered a rueful smile. "Well, you have, Rob. Don't look at me like that - I can see you."

"I wasn't looking at you like anything." Robin objected, though his tone belied his words and Mary Jane laughed.

"Then you won't mind me interrogating Nancy, will you?" She bantered.

"No, but Nancy might." Robin returned neatly. "Nance, Mary Jane is a notorious question mark. It's not that she's a gossip, or anything that cheap," as Mary Jane opened her lips to protest. "But she likes to know everything."

"No bad thing, either." Mary Jane said decidedly. "Since you're pretty useless at telling anyone anything."

Nancy burst out laughing at this, as Robin pulled a face in the mirror.

"You guys really are like my brother and I." She observed. "We couldn't be more different, but we're still the best of friends."

"Yep, that's Robin and me." Mary Jane nodded her head. "He calls me nosey, I call him disinterested. It evens out pretty good."

She sent Nancy a conspiratorial grin.

"Whilst you're here, we must have a chat and share Robin stories." She said in a stage whisper. "You know, when he's asleep and doesn't know what we're doing."

"I'm sorry, Mary, you seem to have confused me with the luggage." Robin put in. "Just because I'm in the back doesn't mean I can't hear you."

"Blah." Mary Jane poked out her tongue. "Never mind you. I'm talking to Nancy. You can wait for the time being."

"Charming." Robin folded his arms, but his expression was one of amusement, and Mary Jane turned her attention back to her new acquaintance.

"Will you forgive me if I ask you how old you are?" She asked hesitantly. "Some women don't like it, but you look about my age, so I'm curious to know."

"Twenty three." Nancy replied. "Twenty four in September."

"I thought so." Mary Jane dimpled. "I'm twenty five in June, so we are almost the same age."

"Robin said your eldest kid was almost five." Nancy looked surprised. "I couldn't imagine having a five year old kid to run around after right at the moment!"

"Well, I married Will when I was nineteen and a half." Mary Jane's eyes twinkled. "He asked me when I was seventeen but my Ma told me, drop out of High School and I'd be for it. So I waited."

She sighed, checking the road ahead and then flicking on the indicator, turning right. "By the time I did graduate, Will had lost his job and he said he couldn't afford a wedding till he'd got himself back together. So...we kinda hung on for a year. Mom said it was a good test of whether we were cut out to be together - I was the silly kid who wanted to rush right on in. But eventually things straightened out."

She shrugged.

"Greg was born about a year later, more or less." She added. "And Allie two years after that."

She grinned, taking in Nancy's expression.

"I'm guessing when you were nineteen, you weren't thinking of wedding bells, huh?"

"No." Nancy owned. "I was thinking of writing decent songs and not a whole lot else, to be honest."

Mary Jane chuckled.

"You're more like my brother than you know." She observed, amused. "If it hadn't been for..."

She trailed off, biting her lip. "Well, music's been kinda his obsession for a long time, too."

"It's all right, Mary." Robin said quietly from the back. "Nancy knows about Sian."

"She does?" Mary Jane cast Nancy a glance, and Nancy nodded. "Everything?"

"Yes." Robin agreed. "It's all right. You don't have to go on tip-toes around the subject. We've talked it through already."

"Oh." Mary Jane looked relieved. "That's good then. I'm sorry, Rob. I didn't mean to stir it up."

"You didn't." Robin assured her, but his tone was not completely sincere, and Nancy bit her lip.

"Maybe we should change the subject." She suggested softly. Mary Jane looked troubled, but she nodded her head.

"I think so." She agreed. "Tell me something about California, will you? About Los Angeles. I'd like to know more about the city my brother's now calling home!"

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