Picture of Sadie courtesy of Sally Wright :-D

  Garnet (Sadie Monahue)
Name: Sadie Monahue
Stage Name: Garnet
Date Of Birth: January 19th, 1991
Starsign: Capricorn
Sadie is 22 years old when she joins the group, and was born in Birmingham, England. Though firmly placing herself on the straight and narrow now, she has many skeletons in her closet which she is shy of revealing to her new allies. First in trouble with the police at the age of 16, she has served several short sentences in juvenile detention and prison for theft and one charge of possession. Sadie's ex-boyfriend Neal is violent...she moved in with him at the age of 18, leaving a year later, and has been harassed by him on and off ever since. However, she is afraid of him more than anything else, and wants to be free of his clutches. Her first encounter with Jewel came after a chance meeting with Topaz  when the band are touring in England. Sadie stopped getting in trouble with the police after a stint in prison aged 19, but it has proven hardest of all for her to shake off her old allies, for Neal has no idea of letting her go. Sadie used heroin between the ages of 17 and 19 when she went into rehabilitation as part of her sentence for possession. It completely changed her outlook on life and since then she has gotten her own apartment and a job in a rehabilitation centre for teenagers from troubled backgrounds. However, she is shy of confessing her past sins to her new friends, afraid they will reject her.
Sadie's father is an army man and she has four brothers and sisters, of which she is third born. Sadie loves to sing, but doesn't believe she has any talent, despite her ability for both composition and in particular art. She also learnt to play guitar as a child, and has kept it going. Sadie's mother, a one time folk singer, was murdered in a street riot when Sadie was 10 and her father has never really recovered from the loss. Sadie's eldest sister Alyssa is 27 and likes to play mother a lot...she and Sadie did not get along till during/after Sadie's rehabilitation. Sadie's elder brother Mark is 24 and has already taken matters regarding Sadie Garnet (Sadie) The Doll and her boyfriend into his own hands, threatening Neal personally with violence if he continues to harass and mess with his sister. Neal isn't intimidated, and Sadie wishes he wouldnt interfere. Often it makes things worse, and she doesn't tell her brother everything that goes on. Sadie's younger siblings are eighteen year old Georgia, who is also involved with dodgy people, and fifteen year old James, who intends on going into the army like his father as soon as he;s old enough, in order to 'escape' his family. All in all Alyssa is the only member of her family Sadie has real faith in. She and Georgia dont get along, for Georgia has always resented her big sister.
Sadie smokes, despite the fact that she is also an asthmatic. She is a former member of the gang Amber of Teenangels also belonged to, as is her younger sister Georgia. Reluctant to admit to her past misdemeanours, Sadie is often afraid of the truth leaking out and her new bandmates often suspect she is holding things back. She rarely talks about her past in England and can be decidedly obstinate and pessimistic when things don't go to plan. However, deep beneath her lack of self confidence is a sunny temperament and all in all the remaining members of Jewel can't help liking her, despite her eccentricities. Her haphazard childhood and background has meant that her insecurity runs deep, and she is still very suspicious of law enforcement and the opposite sex. Surprisingly, however, it is Sadie who is the only Jewel who seems at all able to breach the growing rift between Jewel and Diablo, and solve the problem of Stefana's hatred.

Sadie the doll was made from a Clash, and rerooted with white, light pink and dark pink hair. Several My Little Pony tails and a RC jem or two were harmed in the making of this doll :-p. Her outfit was made by me and her guitar was stolen from another doll line, though off the top of my head I can't remember which. Makes a good bass guitar - though it's not quite the pink one from the story ;)