A Jewel Whodunnit...
Chapter Four: England's Jewel

"So, Garnet, what's it like to be the newest member of Jewel?"
The interviewer thrust the red muffed microphone into Sadie's face with a bright smile, eying the girl with interest. "What does it feel like to suddenly step into the spotlight like this?"
"It's very strange." Sadie admitted, offering the camera a shy smile as she did so. "I've never stood out like this before, it's all a bit surreal." She shrugged. "In school I was never much of an academic, never won any prizes or anything to make people gawp at me, so since I signed with Misfit Music I've been feeling like I've got my skirt on backwards or odd socks on, to be honest! I'm still not used to all the attention."
The interviewer grinned.
"It's a chance in a lifetime though, don't you agree?"
"Yes, I do." Sadie nodded her head. "Thanks to Topaz for giving me this chance, too. It's entirely down to her suggesting me that I'm here now...she's a damn fine friend."
"Sylva, how difficult is it to adjust to a new member, after so long with Topaz in the band?" The interviewer turned her hawk gaze on the keyboardist, who, well used to television interviews by now, simply cast her a radiant smile.
"It makes it different but it keeps life fresh." She said with a shrug. "Sa...Garnet's very artistic and she's been able to work with Goldie a bit in terms of the composition, so it's brought a whole new aspect to Jewel's music."
"Don't you miss Topaz, though? I mean, touring how you do, you girls must be pretty close."
"Topaz will always be a Jewel, whether she's an actual member of the band or not." Copper said solemnly. "She knows that and so do we. We're like family these days, and that goes beyond our music. She's still very much one of the gang."
"So no hard feelings on her decision to leave? Goldie, what are your thoughts?"
"None whatsoever." Nancy responded with a shrug. "I know some of the tabloid press have rumoured that there was a big Jewel bustup, but that's categorically not true. Topaz still lives at Starlight Mansion with us, and is as dear to us as ever. Her decision certainly doesn't change our opinion of her."
"Is it true that she's only away from the group temporarily?"
"That lies with Topaz." Copper shrugged. "She knows she's very welcome, if she ever does want to rejoin the group."
"Sylva, what's the true story behind Topaz's departure? If not a row, what made her come to this decision?" The interviewer's eyes glinted, as if she were an eagle swooping in for a kill. "Is there any truth in the rumour that she's left the band in order to start a family?"
"Topaz's life is her business, and she's our friend." Sylva replied softly. "That's not our business to interfere in, it's hers, and that's all any of us will say on the matter."
"Garnet, Sylva mentioned your composition. How much are you contributing to the new Jewel sound? For example, were you involved in your new song, 'Freak'?"
"I'm still learning a lot." Sadie admitted, blushing at the sudden question, for she had begun to daydream and, had Nancy not jabbed her with an elbow would have missed the question completely. "Nancy...I mean Goldie is teaching me a lot about how to put the music I want to play down on script and stuff, though. I'd say the work is still hers really. I'm just a student helping out here and there."
"Is it true that you designed the cover for the Exotic album?"
"Yes." Sadie could not go any redder. "I...I did."
The interviewer beamed.
"You know, my producer and I were discussing before we went on air, the irony of your joining the group when Jewel are signed to Misfit Music. Of course the Misfits famously recruited from abroad when they brought Jetta into the band setup. How influential has she been in your early months with the band?"
"I better be nice, she's backstage watching us!" Sadie said with a wry smile, causing the audience to laugh, and somehow this vote of confidence from them gave her the strength to go on. "Truthfully, though, I owe her and Phyllis everything. Jetta particularly. As you say, she's been there...she knows how hard it is to jump in like I've done. Hopefully things have been as smooth as they could have been - and if nothing else, I'm loving it."
"Being Birmingham born, do you feel you're flying the flag for Great Britain, now you're England's Jewel?" The interviewer asked. Sadie grinned.
"Why not?" She responded. "Anyone can tell I'm English as they come soon as I open my mouth and my brummie tones come out...so sure. I'm proud to be England's Jewel!"

"You know, you got a whole lot more confident out there once you realised noone was gonna bite you." Copper observed as the girls changed in the dressing room after the show, ready for their Smash Hits interview. "You just need to relax, Sadie...the crowd obviously love you already."
"They were sweet." Sadie admitted with a smile, perching on the unit as she refastened her sandals. "Especially when we were singing the new song. I was so-o-o nervous but when I sang my section they all cheered me and it made me feel so proud to be up there, you know? Like I've come home and been accepted."
"Jewel rock. Fact of life." Sylva shrugged, squinting in the mirror at her mascara, then grimacing. "Anyone got mascara on them? Mine's gone funny under the lights and I'm not doing an interview if I look even vaguely like a raccoon!"
"Here." Copper fished in her make up bag, passing it across. "I admit the studio make-up was kinda heavy. Still, there were a lot of lights on us."
"It was hot out there." Nancy observed. She stifled a yawn. "I'm beat. I'm going to fall asleep in the middle of lunch most probably...just when we're at our most glam."
"Well, I'm going to look good, whatever you do." Sylva deftly redid her mascara, returning the wand to the percussionist with a grin and touching up her lipstick. "I heard that the guy who's doing our interview next is a real babe!"
"Who told you that?" Sadie stared at her. Sylva giggled.
"Rose did." She admitted. "I remember her telling us about that interview she and the girls did after she got back with them, you know, after her surgery? Don't you remember? Guy was a reeeeal hottie. And the name Jetta told us in the break - it's the same guy."
"Oh God, she's going flirting." Nancy rolled her eyes. "Preserve us."
"Well, with Topaz grounded in LA with Hollie, one of us has to play the seductive babe." Sylva shrugged. "Sadie's new at this and Copper's engaged. Leaves it up to me."
"What about me?" Nancy demanded.
"What about you?" Sylva raised an eyebrow. Copper laughed.
"C'mon, Nancy. You know you'd hate to be classed as 'seductive babe' by anyone." She reasoned.
"True, I'd rip their throats out." An amused look crossed Nancy's features. "Okay. Syl can be the temptress. I'm gonna just be vaguely conscious composer, if that's okay with everyone else."
"Well, Sadie's found herself now, so she can do the bulk of the chat." Copper smiled. Sadie's eyes opened wide with horror.
"No way!"
"They'll probably want to talk to you anyhow, Sadie." Nancy shrugged. Sadie sighed.
"Well, you folk have to help me." She begged. "I'm not used to all this fuss yet."
"Promise." Sylva dimpled.
"I wonder what Jetta has planned for us for the rest of our time in London?" Copper mused. Nancy shuddered.
"I'd rather not know." She muttered darkly. "My mother turns into a psychopath when we go on tour. She seems to think we can survive on two hours sleep a week! Sometimes I wonder if she's even human."
"Says a lot for you then, don't it?" A fresh voice interrupted them and the quartet turned, Nancy's expression becoming one of embarrassed horror as she registered the expression on her mother's face. "Since you're my daughter."
Sylva giggled.
"Nancy, your face is a picture." She observed. Jetta laughed.
"Well, now I know 'ow me youngest brat sees me." She observed lightly. "You girls finished 'ere? I got a car waitin' for you."
"We're done, Jetta." Copper nodded, seeing that Nancy was somewhat beyond words. "Is it far?"
"Nope, short drive is all." Jetta shook her head. "Better we ain't late, though. Come on." She winked at her daughter. "An' you better find your tongue by the time we get there, else the interview ain't gonna be much cop, is it?"

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