Jewel's World: New Dawn
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Of Benton Blood
"Hay la sangre entre tu e yo."
It's been several years since the tragic death of Esteban Santiago, but it's only now that Copper is beginning to uncover all of her father's hidden secrets. After Jesta's shocking revelations, the Jewel drummer knows that there is only one course of action to take - she must go to Detroit and take the British girl with her. But as much as she loves her father, Copper finds it difficult to break down Jesta's defensive shell - a fact not helped by her brother's complete dismissal of the situation. Is Jesta really just after money? Or is there more to her behaviour than meets the eye?
Meanwhile, Topaz has taken advantage of Jewel's week off, accepting an invitation from Cameron's parents to spend his last week in England with them. Taking Hollie to the UK is more than a family visit - it's a chance to test out the new platonic relationship the singer has mapped out with the baby's father. But when an old aquaintance surfaces in Cameron's life, Topaz finds herself wracked with jealousy. Can they ever learn to be 'just friends'?

Prologue: July 12th, 1991
Chapter One: A Long Flight
Chapter Two: Family
Chapter Three: A Day Out
Chapter Four: Flashback - Esteban's Quest
Chapter Five: In The Genes
Chapter Six: Confidences
Chapter Seven: Flashback - A Tragic Truth
Chapter Eight: A Tentative Bond
Chapter Nine: Some Truth
Chapter Ten: Flashback - This Is Farewell
Chapter Eleven: The Memorial Garden

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