Image of Sirena courtesy of Sally Wright :)

SIRENA Name: Emily-Jayne Raymond/Emily Gabor
Stage Name: Sirena
Date Of Birth: July 12th, 1990
Starsign: Cancer

Sirena is a dark horse. Since she was a small child, she wanted to follow her love of music into a career, and, ambitious as she is talented, she soon discovers how to get in with the right people. But she also has a hidden agenda. Once she discovers all there is to know about Jewel and who their backers are, she is determined to bring them down, for she is nursing a secret grudge. Sirena is Pizzazz's daughter, though she was given up to the Starlight Foundation at birth and the only people who know of her existance are the other Misfits. Resentful of being abandoned when Pizzazz so clearly has a fondness for Jewel and their doings, (even going so far as to buying them Starlight Mansion to live in) particularly Nancy Pelligrini, she develops a deep hatred of them and everything which they do. Riot uses Sirena's resentment to his advantage and signs her to his music company in order to use her to target Pizzazz.
Though Sirena has many of her mother's characteristics - impatience, insecurity, and a hot temper, there is another side to her nature which makes her a more difficult rival to have. Sirena is both clever and cunning, able to see the advantages and consequences of situations when she choses, and enjoying the secretive art of sabotage just as much as openly humiliating her rivals. Her loathing of the group becomes so great that she sees them more as things in her way than she does recognise them as people. However, her hatred of them is entirely fueled by her resentment and deep desire for a mother. A child who needed a lot more time and attention than even the most devoted Foundation employee could give her, the young Emily learnt to fend for herself, quickly deciding that noone else was going to do it for her. She was told the truth of her abandonment at the age of six and it left an indellible mark on her character. Though belligerent to her carers, inside she began to wonder why she had been given away, and for many years she would dream up reasons why her mother might have left her. Teased at school for being a 'foundling', she would often retaliate with remarks about how her mother was better than them all...but until Riot provided her with the answer to her identity, she did not feel any real sense of rage towards the absent woman.
Throughout her childhood the Misfits were Sirena's idols, particularly Pizzazz, and the fact that her icon was also her absent mother turned her wondering and awe into resentment and hate. Never one to settle for substitutes, all of Sirena's actions towards Jewel and Pizzazz are a subconscious attempt to gain and hold her mother's attention.
Sirena's father is the notorious Eric Raymond, another bone of contention for her towards her mother, for it was largely the ignominy of this affair which prompted Pizzazz to keep her daughter a secret. However, upon meeting her father for the first time, Sirena realises that she will never have any kind of relationship with him, and this makes her fierce determination to upset her mother's applecart even stronger. Somewhere inside is the belief that if Pizzazz lost her music company and her high status, then maybe she'd be less bothered about her image and would have more time for her daughter. Though she can clearly see Pizzazz is nowhere near an ideal mother, still she is the only mother Sirena wants in her life, even if she won't admit it to herself.
Sirena has little time for falling in love,and only enters into relationships where she sees there is something material to gain from it. Her fling with Blade is just one such situation, for she is in it only for publicity reasons. However, the consequences of their relationship help to bring out the less bitter side of her character, and help her to reach out and make friends with those she never thought it possible to trust.
Sirena is both irritated and apprehensive about the attention that Diablo frontman Luca Ranieri sends her way and is loath to trust him, even though his motives for her are good ones. Though her relationship with her mother begins to improve, she is still often insecure of it, and is easily swayed when persuasive powers come to bear on it.
Shrewd and intelligent, Sirena is the first person in Los Angeles to pick up on Sadie's dark past.