(Picture courtesy of Olga)

Name: Stefana Ranieri
Date Of Birth: October 12th, 1991
Starsign: Libra

Stefana is the guitar player for Rebel Records' rock act "Diablo", soon coined by the press as being the group's "Little Piece of Hell." Fiercely possessive of her brother Luca's actions and of Diablo's success, Stefana is resentful, angry and confrontational to most people in every day life. Despite playing with Diablo, she despises both Madeleine and Clay, who consider her a petulant brat, and although she is extremely talented, her performances are often spasmodically brilliant and overshadowed by her extra-curricular concerns.

Stefana has lived a chequered life. At just fourteen she was kicked out of her first High School for fighting and causing trouble, and at nineteen she dropped out of her second school just before finals, preferring to quit rather than fail her subjects. Her relationship with her mother was always poor but this action incited Bianca Ranieri to kick her eldest daughter out and Stefana spent some time staying with Marissa's family before the two girls got a place of their own. Bianca's rejection of Stefana runs deep, since not only does Stefana hate her mother with a passion, her dependancy on amphetamines began not long after she was kicked out of home. Stefana is extremely bitter about the way she was treated, and in particular about the fact that Bianca pretends she does not even have a daughter, erasing Stefana's memory completely from her life. Stefana's relationship with her father was always a positive one, but he died when she was thirteen of a heart complaint and his years of spoiling his only daughter have left their mark also on her character. Stefana often does her best to control everything Luca does, simply because she is afraid that he will find someone else to spend time with and will shut her out of his life. Luca's easy-going nature tolerates Stefana's brattishness fairly well, but even he is unaware of how deep his sister's problems run. Much as she loves her brother, Stefana also resents it when he "plays father" in her life, claiming that she is old enough to make her own decisions and that she doesn't need anyone running around after her.

Only Marissa knows that Stefana is addicted to amphetamines and, out of misguided friendship, has kept the secret. Stefana's behaviour when sober can be petulant, angry and ruthless, but when she is using the drug she can be dangerous - not only to herself but to other people. Her constant need for cash-flow and her resentment for Jewel's success entices her to enter into a cash-for-sabotage agreement with Rory Llewelyn, her business agent, and she rarely considers the consequences of her actions, often putting others' lives in danger without really thinking it through. Stefana develops a particular hate for Cynthia and, upon discovering her secret sets about trying to destroy her. Stefana is a fairly ruthless character, especially when driven on by the drugs, but she draws the line at actually allowing anyone to be killed and because of this she intervenes when she feels Sirena's son is under threat, even though she hates Sirena intensely.

Stefana is really a very lonely character, trapped in a world of drugs and with noone to really confide in other than the ever-worried Marissa. It is partly this which makes her fall in love with Jewel's road manager Aaron Pelligrini, an attraction borne out of the simple fact of him remembering her name, but that grows to such a pitch that it becomes almost an obsession. Her devotion to Aaron means that she will consider almost anything to get Copper out of the picture, yet Aaron is entirely ignorant of his friend's darker side, and treats her much as he would any of his other female friends.

Though she wears a lot of black and red, Stefana is not really gothic. She takes her image very seriously, taking pride in being the "angry" member of Diablo and always keen to flaunt her star status whenever she can. She is also a smoker, and enjoys lighting up in places where it is forbidden, just to annoy the management. Despite all of her malicious tendancies, however, she is genuinely fond of Marissa, and stuck up for the girl at school when kids picked on her about her diabetes. Their friendship is a mystery to everyone around them, but of all people it is Marissa who Stefana trusts the most.

Stefana is an intelligent character, despite her academic failure, but most often she uses her intelligence for bad means and often allows her anger and resentment to be manipulated by conniving brains such as Rory Llewelyn (Riot) and Phoebe Asche (Rapture). She is determined that Diablo should be number one at all costs, and her pleasure at Diablo's success is often marred by her anger when Jewel seem to be one step ahead.