Jewel's World: New Dawn
Archive One
Of Benton Blood

It's an exciting time for the Martescu family.
Sylva's twin Anna is getting married and has invited her sister across country to New York, to be her maid of honour. But even before Sylva has left Los Angeles, she realises things are not going to go smoothly. Persuading Logan Matthews to go as her 'date' is the least of it, after a confrontation with her cousin Sammi re-ignites their rivalry once more. 
Upon arriving in the city, too, Sylva soon realises that all is not well. Her twin is reluctant to say exactly what is going on, but after overhearing a fight between Anna and her fiance John, Sylva starts to wonder if maybe the happy couple is nothing more than a charade.

Can Anna and John find their happy ever after?
Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Jesta has been doing some family digging of her own. Determined to find the rich father who abandoned her and her mother before she was born, she accidentally stumbles across some information which will change her life - and the life of one of the Jewel girls - forever. But is blood really thicker than water?

Prologue: April 1st, 1997
Chapter One: Sylva's Request
Chapter Two: Samantha...and Jesta
Chapter Three: Flashback - Junior High
Chapter Four: In The Big Apple
Chapter Five: Flashback - Sammi's Eighth Birthday
Chapter Six: Flight
Chapter Seven: Anna
Chapter Eight: Flashback - The Martescu Home
Chapter Nine: Old Wounds
Chapter Ten: Jesta's Clue
Chapter Eleven: In Translation
Chapter Twelve: Flashback - Thick As Blood
Chapter Thirteen: A Friend In Need
Chapter Fourteen: Anna's Secret
Chapter Fifteen: Wedding Day
Chapter Sixteen: Flashback - First Kiss
Chapter Seventeen: Crossing The Line
Chapter Eighteen: Colin
Chapter Nineteen: Settling Up

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