The Teenangels: Image By Gemma Dawn

Jewel's rivals from across the pond :)

Well, they've appeared more than fleetingly within the Jewel's World storyland, but till now there have been no biographies here on this page to explain anything about these girls. My apologies - I hope they haven't confused you with their presence!!

Jewel's World was dreamed up largely with the help and inspiration of one of my closest friends, Gemma Dawn, who hosts a future fiction world featuring a band known as the Teenangel Outsiders. They, based around Aja's daughter Sammi and Kimber's daughter Rose, are the reasons for Jewel's existance, because it was Gemma who first made me see the potential for a band set in the future. Whilst my girls are linked mostly with the Misfits, and Gemma's have prominent links with the Holograms, they inhabit a world which has several characters flitting in and out of both sets of stories. You have read here about Zoe and Taylor, and also Jesta and Flame. Zoe and Taylor started life with Jewel's World, Jesta and Flame in the Teenangel universe - but both appear in both sets of stories.
Jewel also play a part in the Teenangel Outsider stories, just like the Teenangels appear in my writing. You can visit Gemma's site here :)
Sylva was the first Jewel to exist, and she was originally created just as a joke-around character - Stormer's wild at heart daughter who was a little out of control. When Jewel became an entity and a serious attempt at fanfiction, the story started at Sylva's house for this very reason. Sylva has strong links with the Teenangel sphere of reality, because of her relationship to the Teenangel songwriter Samantha Phillips, her cousin. It is out of this relationship that the main crux of the rivalry story was born.

Meet The 'Angels...

ROSE (Rosaline Jameson)
Rose is the joker and the party girl of the Teenangel group. Quick to jump between fashion and music fads, Rose is a flirt who likes to make the most of life. Despite her frivolous, playful nature, however, she has a good heart. Her closest friend is Sammi, and she was brought up by her father. Rose's mother was Kimber of the Holograms, though she did not discover this until she was an adult, when Kimber came forward to donate a kidney to save Rose's life. Rose is very close to Aja, who acted like a mother figure during her childhood, as well as teaching her to play the guitar.

JADE (Jade Jones)
Initially Rose's replacement in the Teenangel band during that girl's long illness, Jade soon forged herself a permanent placement as the Teenangel Outsiders' drummer. Born in the UK, along with her twin brother Jake, Jade's family moved to Australia when she was just a baby, and she considers that more her home than the country in which she now spends her time. Once a top athlete with a promising future, an injury in competition meant that Jade could no longer pursue her sporting ambitions, but despite that she still likes to eat healthily and keep herself fit. She can also be very insecure about her looks and ability.

SAMMI (Samantha Phillips)
Sylva's cousin and songwriter extraordinaire, music is Sammi's life and her one ambition. Aja's only child, she did not discover the truth about her mother's musical past until she began trying to pursue her own dreams, and she is determined to prove herself in the music industry as an individual, not as simply another member of a talented family. For years, she and Sylva have had a hostile relationship, which time and the friendships of the two groups starts to break down. Sammi is very intense and devoted to her composition, but she can also be introverted and stubborn, and this frustrates her bandmates no end. Sammi and Rose are best friends from school, and it is largely thanks to Rose that Sammi has any kind of social life at all.

OPEL (Lauren Martin)
Opel is the frontwoman of the group, with a powerful voice and a strong stage presence. Opel has been through plenty of hard times in the past, for her father died suddenly and her mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. To make ends meet, Opel was forced to enter work as a stripper, a fact which the tabloid press soon got to hear about. Despite her chequered past, however, Opel is loyal and even-tempered. Her hair is dyed from it's natural blond to match the other members of the band, and she grew up with Violet, who remains her closest friend.

AMBER (Amanda Whatson)
The only daughter of rich parents, Amber grew up barely knowing what it was like to be loved or treated with affection by her parents. Discovering her father's infidelities at a young age, Amber is in no illusions about what the real world can hold, and has had brushes with the law in the past. However, Amber is fiercely loyal and brutally honest, often to the point of downright bluntness. Streetwise and strong-willed, Amber considers herself to be a capable songwriter, which can lead to friction between herself and Sammi. She and Rose often spat because of their opposing personalities, but in truth they are closer than they seem.

VIOLET (Veronica Anderson)
Originally the secretary at manager Steevi's firm, Violet's talent for the keyboard got her brought into the Teenangel project, and her calm, gentle temperament often helps to soothe difficult situations. It is Violet who forges the deep-rooted relationship with Nancy's cousin Taylor Conway over the internet, and she is a peace-lover at heart. She and Opel grew up together, and Violet often was the conscience for both of them, pulling her friend out of trouble.


JESTA (Jessica Talley)

Jesta is the Teenangel's rival, and Amber's father's newest girlfriend. Manipulative and intelligent, Jesta knows how to get what she wants, when she wants, and is not averse to playing dirty tricks. When she teams up with Diablo guitarist Stefana Ranieri, they prove a lethal and effective combination, tackling both Jewel and the Teenangels. Jesta was raised by her mother, and never knew her father, though the truth of his identity proves a shock for more than just her! Her relationship with her mother was always unsure, making her very critical of single parent families.

FLAME (Fiona Daniels)
Flame is a dancer whose mother died when she was a child. Flame's mother was a friend of Danse's, and so Flame spent much of her time involved with Haven House before working towards proper dance training. Bluntspoken and forthright, Flame does not usually care about how other people view her, and does not like to let people get too close to the core. However, she can be both protective and loyal to those she cares about, and once she has made up her mind, she sticks to her decision. Her relationship with video artist Zoe Montgomery causes her heartache and confusion to begin with, since she does not know quite what she wants, but in the end, she is looking for someplace to belong.