Nancy's Voice

Honestly, if you asked me if I'd do it again, I'd have to seriously consider things before turning it down.
On reflection, in the bright light of day, sometimes things don't seem quite as bad, you know? That's how it felt the morning after our adventure in 1980s Los Angeles. Though part of me was still angry at Cynthia for bringing us back in time, it was also an experience and something I'll never forget. I still can't believe how my Mom was then - how snappish and sarky and quick to raise her fists. I'd always thought Dad joked about taming the shrew, that it was all about him teasing her. But somehow he really did...my estimation of him went up several notches, I'll tell you.
More importantly, though, it inspired me to write. Music is my raison d'etre, so when I can't write I'm probably hell to live with, and I know I've been grouchy over it these past few days. But tripping back in time has woken up the muse...or whatever it is inside of me. I've already spent most of today scribbling harmonies and dynamic guitar passages for this wild rock song I'm determined that we're gonna release. Mom's gonna think I flipped out, but who cares? She's my inspiration for it. Her, aunt Phyl, and the band that almost gave up half way through their careers.
It made me think, though. Jewel have times when things are tedious, when music isn't flowing, when we all feel like a vacation and when we get on each other's nerves. But little things can spark bigger ones, and I'm very conscious now that what I do - what I decide to do - has an impact on what will happen years down the line. Who knows where we will be and what we will be doing then? I never thought much about it till now, but it does make you wonder.
I'd been sitting in the main studio working for about four hours when I realised I wasn't alone. I glanced up, seeing Mom in the doorway watching me. I grinned.
"Don't nag. I'm writing, and this is for Jewel." I told her, before she could speak. "I've got the bug, Mom. I know what I want us to do."
"Well, I'm glad to 'ear it." Mom cast me a wry smile. "Because you've been givin' Pizzazz an' me kittens of late with your writers block. Jewel's song is late now!"
"Oh, but it will be worth waiting for." I spread out the sheets of paper in front of me. "Come take a look."
"Sadie not 'elpin' you on this one?" Mom asked, doing as she was bidden. I shook my head.
"She's doing some basic sketches of the way we want to look for the video." I replied. "For Zoe, so she gets the picture. We decided that this is gonna be a full on rock song with matching video - and it's proving a lot of fun to write."
Mom scooped up the first page, and her eyebrows shot up into her fringe.
"You ain't kiddin'." She said at last. "Almost thought I was lookin' at one of Stormer's Misfit scripts for a moment there."
"Funny you should say that." An amused smile touched my lips. "We did get some inspiration from, erm, well, watching the Misfits."
Mom stared at me. Then she laughed.
"Well, it's in your blood." She said affectionately. "So I don't suppose it'll 'urt for you to act it, once in a while. I think Pizzazz will love the idea - she's never liked the fact that the Misfits ended, an' she'll fully endorse you girls dollin' yourselves up crazy an' givin' the world a fright. But what exactly gave you the idea? Yesterday you were at a loss."
"Cynthia showed us some stuff she found." I said truthfully, taking the sheet of paper back and checking the bassline for errors. "And it gave me this idea. You know how my muse strikes me, Mom. It came, well, round about midnight."
"Well, jus' make sure it keeps coming." Mom told me with a grin. "Because that way Jewel keep selling."
"Oh, I think Jewel will be doing that for a long while to come." I told her firmly. "And not just because of the profit side of it, either. Being a band is more about...about team spirit, and, well, appreciating each other's imput. Don't you think?"
Mom fixed me with an odd look.
"Whatever you say, kid." She said at length. "Look, I got meetings and paperwork, so I'll talk to you when the thing is written an' we see the final draft. Keep goin' like that an' we'll 'ave you recording by the end of the week!"
"That's the plan." I nodded. "Don't worry - now I'm inspired, I won't stop till it's done. And once it's done, the world are gonna see how different Jewel can be. After all, there's always something you can learn from the past..."
I winked at her.
"Don't you agree?"

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