This is meant as a rough guide to place in the context of time the fanfiction that I write. It's not a definitive guide, but it is intended to set the scene for the future fiction 'Just a Dream' which takes place twenty or more years into the Misfits' future...
The series ends sometime early in 1988...with the reuniting of Banee with her father.
My timeline begins, however, with the events leading up to and going beyond the turning point in the lifetimes of all the fiction characters.
The Death of Jem...
February, 1989
The Misfits and Holograms form a proper truce after the failure of Clash's plot to ruin them.

March, 1989
Roxy discovers that she has a half-brother, Justin...and Jetta falls in love with him. After initial rows over it, the two girls settle to an uneasy truce, as Jetta tries to define her feelings for Justin.
Roxy realises that she is dyslexic, and finally begins to learn to read.

May, 1989
A row between Kimber and Jem escalates already rife tensions within the Holograms, and Kimber and Aja branch off on their own. Shana moves in with Anthony, who later proposes, to avoid the conflict, and Raya also drifts towards the 'New' Holograms.

Early June, 1989
Roxy releases her first solo record, 'Born Again' with the help of Stormer and Aja and the reluctant backing of Misfit Music.
Kimber and Stormer release their third record, 'Mirrors'. It will be their last...

Late June, 1989
Pizzazz;s reckless driving almost costs her her life, and puts her in a critical condition. Her convalescence has several ramifications for the Misfits, and for her future happiness, since she develops an affection for the surgeon, Dr. Alan Garcia.

October, 1989
The Misfits' first concert since early June. Pizzazz discovers that Alan is married and in a fit of pique seduces Eric, hopeful of making the doctor jealous...

Late November, 1989
Pizzazz discovers that Eric has allegedly messed her over with another woman and in an attempt to regain her credability fires Eric from his post, suing him when he leaves California to escape her wrath. Eric later flees to Canada to start again.
Elliot Martescu, one of Harvey's best executives comes to help manage Misfit Music's messy affairs. Stormer falls in love...

December, 1989
Pizzazz discovers that she is pregnant.

January, 1990
The Misfits discover Pizzazz's predicament and promise to keep the secret to protect against scandal. An immense coverup operation goes into play to prevent people finding out. Elliot returns to D.C but he and Stormer keep in touch.
Jetta is installed as Chief Executive of Misfits Music.

March, 1990
Negotiations begin between Jem and the Holograms, but soon break down.
Roxy releases her second solo album. "Pilgrim".

April, 1990
Roxy and Stormer collaborate on their first and only album together, 'Mystique'. Jetta begins to dabble in songwriting and considers her own record, but Pizzazz begs her to take over more and more of the affairs at Misfit Music, since she is becoming increasingly unable to cope there without arousing suspicion. Jetta puts her plans on hold to help Pizzazz out.

May, 1990.
Reporters and fans everywhere are stunned into silence by the apparent suicide of Rock diva Jem. Jerrica and the Holograms are reconciled 'in memory', and a fund is set up as a tribute to the late singer. However for the Holograms it is the beginning of the end...

July, 1990
Pizzazz's daughter, Emily Jayne Raymond is born and given over in secret to the Starlight Foundation. Noone is any the wiser.

September, 1990
The Misfits release their first album since Pizzazz's pregnancy. It is a big hit, knocking the former long running number one album (The Holograms' Memorial disk) off the top of the US charts, as well as topping charts in England and across Europe.
Clash's daughter Zoe is born.

October, 1990
The Misfits go on tour around America and then to England and parts of Europe.

Early November, 1990
After a week's break with Justin in Los Vegas, Jetta is persuaded that marrying him there is a good plan of action. Regretting it the morning after the ceremony, she rows with her new husband and they part on bad terms, Justin being on his way to Michigan on a photography job. Jetta does not say anything to anyone about her marriage.

 November, 1990
There is an accident aboard the boat Justin and his crew are using and Justin is missing, feared drowned. The Misfits fly to Michigan. Jetta and Roxy find some common ground, and Jetta realises that her wedding vows meant more to her than she could ever imagine. She confesses to the Misfits what happened in Vegas.
After 36 hours in the water, cold, bruised and hypothermic, Justin is rescued, barely alive. It marks the start of a long and steadfast marriage between him and Jetta.

January, 1991
Jetta finds out, much to her horror, that she is pregnant, while honeymooning in London. Her plans for a solo record are once more put on hold as the Misfits rearrange their recording schedule accordingly.
Elliot returns to California and he and Stormer become seriously involved.
Raya marries Esteban Santiago,  a film director from Detroit who is working in Hollywood.

March, 1991
The Misfits release a new album and plot tour dates.

June, 1991
Jetta's son, Aaron William is born.

July, 1991
Raya's daughter, Elizabeth Maria is born.

September, 1991
The Misfits go on tour. It will be their last big world tour.

October 1991
Stormer finds out she's pregnant. Elliot proposes to her immediately, and much to Roxy's disgust, Stormer accepts him. They plan to stay in Los Angeles...

December 1991
Stormer collapses whilst at band rehearsal. It soon becomes apparant that, unlike Jetta, Stormer's pregnancy is none too straightforward. When she discovers she is having twins, she decides to follow the doctor's advice to the letter, excited at the prospect of motherhood.
The manuscript for the Misfits' projected album is rushed through. It is the first time that a full Misfit written collaboration will hit the chart, since Stormer is incapable of completing all the work herself, and Elliot is firmly against it.

January, 1992
Jetta is pregnant for the second time, much to her own chagrin. Stormer suffers a further complication and is unable to participate at all in band business. She and Elliot are married and he plans to take her back to DC with him once the babies are born.
Roxy never forgives him for this.

March, 1992
The Misfits release their album, 'Never Forget'. Prophetically it will be their last. It charts at number one, where it stays for six weeks. At a press conference, Stormer's absence is painfully obvious, and in an uncharacteristic gesture, Pizzazz dedicates the record to her.
It is all too clear that this is the Misfits' farewell.

April, 1992
Stormer's twins, Anna Marie and Sylvina Roxanne are born premature. All are in intensive care for some days after the birth. The music world holds it's breath for Stormer's life, but by a whisker she pulls through.

May, 1992
Stormer and Elliot go to Washington. Bitterly upset, Roxy refuses to see them off. She withdraws to Philadelphia. This wil be the inspiration for recording her third solo album, 'Stranger', which will chart  at number 4 in the American album charts in the future months.

 Early September, 1992
Jetta's daughter, Nancy Elaine is born.

May, 1993
Jetta finally completes and releases her solo album, 'Meant to Be'. It is a success, but she will never record another.

January, 1995
Stormer writes to Roxy to announce a new pregnancy and to try and make amends with her friend. They have not spoken in  almost three years.
Roxy is convinced to come to Washington, and the girls are reconciled. Roxy is strangely charmed by the 33 month old twins, particularly the adventurous Sylvina.

August, 1995
Stormer becomes critically ill. Roxy blames Elliot for putting her through the pregnancy in the first place.

September, 1995
Stormer's son is stillborn. Roxy decides to stay in DC as long as Stormer needs her there.

October, 1995.
Stormer begins to reconcile herself to the fact that she will probably not ever bear more children. She turns her mind back to her music and begins to write again. Much of the initial music she writes is for Roxy, who is planning a fifth solo album release.

March, 1996
Roxy releases her final solo album, 'Dawn'. It hits number one, but Roxy decides she's had enough of work. Having made a fair bit of money from her record sales, she returns to Philadelphia to live the high life. However she maintains close links with both Stormer and her brother's family.
Harvey Gabor retires, leaving control of his business empire in the hands of his daughter and Elliot Martescu. He retains control of half of his finances, but gives the other half over to Pizzazz along with full ownership of the Los Angeles Gabor Estate.
He and Pizzazz have more or less re-established their familial bonds over the years, and he is reconciled to the idea that he will never be a grandfather...

July, 1997
Pizzazz meets Alan by coincidence in a bar and they get to talking. Pizzazz discovers that Alan's marriage broke down two years earlier. They exchange new numbers and agree to meet again, as old friends.
Despite herself, Pizzazz finds her old feelings for Alan resurfacing.

March, 1998.
On the understanding that it is a 'no strings attached' relationship, Pizzazz invites Alan to move into the Los Angeles Gabor estate with her.

September, 2003
Nancy Pelligrini is skipped up a grade in school. The move up accomodates her academic ability, but further compounds her social backwardness. She is bullied consistantly, and learns to defend herself with her sarcastic tongue and cold defences.

March, 2007
Esteban Santiago dies of a brain tumour, leaving Raya to finish bringing up their three kids alone. Elizabeth is already a budding percussionist, but her ambitions are to study law at university in Michigan.

October, 2008
Elizabeth Santiago is diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease. Within eighteen months, it will have drastically altered her future expectations of life.

Summer/Early Autumn, 2010
Sylvina Martescu runs away from home with the intent of making it as a star. Though soon brought back home again by an unamused 'Aunt' Roxy, the question arises as to what to do with her....
...while Rory Llewelyn is busy digging out the skeletons in Pizzazz's closet through his newest acquaintance and music hopeful...Emily-Jayne Raymond.