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*FOR SALE* Spanish Jem/Jerrica MIB

So I’ve tried putting her on ebay, but I figured that I might have better luck trying to part with her in the midst of the Jem community, rather than there.

I have two Spanish dolls remaining to me. Originally I was going to sell both of them, but for some reason, Kimber seems to be staying. I don’t know why, since I don’t regret selling Aja – but there we are. So instead, I’m just selling the one.

Quick FAQ
Who is Spanish Jem? (Should I say, Who is she, Anyway?)

Spanish dolls were, obviously, made in Spain. As far as I know, they were made for the Spanish market. They are bonafide variants and very hard to lay paws on – more so than the Mexican dolls in my experience. They are better made than the Mexican dolls and their boxes are slightly different; as are their accessories. They are all stamped Made In Spain between the shoulderblades.

Why are you selling yours, then?

Well, you guys know already, I don’t like J-J. I have kept my Mexican one, but I don’t have any attachment to this one. More, though, my variant passion was always Mexicana, and that hasn’t changed. I acquired this on a whim, but I think she can do better in terms of a good home.

What condition is she in?

She’s in her original box. I took out her tray when I got her because I wanted to check whether her back was stamped and her accessories. I guess that means she’s been out of the box, but the seal was broken when I got her. She has all of her accessories in mint condition, most never disturbed. The only thing she is missing is the free extra cassette advertised on the front of the box. Since that was a freebie extra anyway, it’s not really necessarily part of her set – but I feel I ought to mention it anyhow.
Her box is a bit faded and battered. I have pictures, please see them for more information. I think she could be deboxed and displayed with minimal guilt, but the box holds up enough to keep her in it as MIB, if that;’s your bent. It’s how I’ve kept her for the past 10 or so years.

So what are you asking for her?

Ideally I would like in the region of $200 plus actual shipping to your destination. I am in the UK. (Postage within the UK will be free, and payment can be made in £. I will also accept the equivalent in Euros, though I only accept paypal.) I will obtain actual postage charges from the post office, since these are all due to change on 1st April 2014, but at present postage to the US is in the realms of $40 with insurance  and tracking cover up to $700. I will also consider reasonable offers around this sum.

Will you consider other offers or trades?

I want to sell Jem, really. I may consider part payment in items, depending what they are…but since I am trying to save some of this towards my PhD fund, I am really looking at making a sale if possible.

How do I know you are trustworthy?

You can look up my sales feedback on ebay under the id REIDE which has been my ebay sale point since 1998. Also, anyone who has bought from Hoofprints Jem in the past will hopefully remember that I used to do a lot of business with Jem and My Little Pony.

You said something about pictures?

Some of these are quite large, but can be loaded from this location:
Mint In Box Jem (Full Image, front)
Mint In Box Jem (Top box flap)
Mint In Box Jem (face shot)
Mint in Box Jem (proof of Spanish manufacture)
Mint in Box Jem (back of box)

If interested, please email me at 🙂