The Stingers Hit Town (Part 2): All In The Style


Gazing out at the garden through rain-stained window panes, Riot reflected on the fact that there had to be an easier way to make money than pandering to crazed doll collectors.

I have to be honest about this. Much as I am not a fan of the Stingers, and have always hated blond dolls, I do like how Integrity has done the Stinger dolls. However, now that my group is complete, and after some time primping and displaying Minx and Riot with Rapture in their new home in the display case, I’ve come to some conclusions about Integrity’s Jem line and the thought processes behind their creation.

Let’s talk for a minute about shoes.


Yes, shoes.

Not just any shoes, however. Shoes that go with Stinger dolls, that have cute little laces and zips. Things like these:
Riot's Boots

<—-Riot’s boots. Sold on doll, nicely zipped with laces tied. Very intricate and impressive, albeit I have no intention of ever trying to get them off.

The reason for that is that there are also a second type of stinger boot, which are something along the lines of…


Minx's Bootsthese:

Minx’s boots —–>
Unlike Riot’s, Minx’s boots are NOT sold on doll. They are conveniently pushed away in the accessory slot. While trying to put them on the doll without an involuntary amputation occurring, I decided that Integrity had a master plan when it came to this kind of accessory.

In short, anything easy to put on the doll, they sell on the doll. Anything else, leave it to the poor souls who end up buying it. Bracelets, zip-up boots…guitar straps. Don’t get me started on guitar straps, since Rapture and Riot between them have destroyed my poor nails trying to get the straps on the guitars without breaking either strap or guitar. And then Minx’s boots. I swear they’re still not on properly. She looks fine and she can stand, but yeah, if she was able to complain, I think she’d be telling me in her best German-accented English that her feet hurt.

It isn’t just about feet, though, or guitar straps. Another big issue lies in the whole earring thing. In fact, right now my Astral doll doesn’t have her earrings in, because I’m too chicken to fight with them. One ear isn’t well pierced, and I didn’t like to shove a needle into it. At least, that was until I got Minx, who apparently comes with her own needle-piercing kit.

All right, I know the pins are for the hat, but honestly, the hat goes on fine without pins. (Or maybe mine just has an extra magnetic head, who knows?) But the pins did wonders for piercing Minx’s ears and getting her hoops in just fine.

UnfortunPainful stuffately, Minx isn’t the only Stinger I unboxed today who has (an) earring. And unfortunately, I did Riot first. So unfortunately, we had this scenario going on.

Ouch. He really doesn’t look so very amused, either.

Some careful persuasion and erm, the assistance of a mechanical pencil nib (don’t ask) got the stud in at last, but I don’t think Riot is really very fond of me right now, especially since I just rammed a rod about a centimetre in length into his head, which is only about two centimetres across. Trepanning may be less popular a medical treatment these days, but it’s still alive and thriving in doll collecting communities everywhere.

One other thing I must comment on before I close on today’s torture of poor unsuspecting Jem dolls is the hair. Hair!Integrity hair seems quite delicate, which is interesting. Riot’s hair is simply…mad. Especially out of the packaging. I always called him popcorn hair, but when you look at this kind of an image, you get this impression of a stable, and a sack of hay. However, I am generally quite impressed at how much like the cartoon he – and they in general look.  The hair, though puffy and a little fragile, lies quite convincingly without too much work needing to be done to it. MinxMinx was a bit different, since I wanted to comb hers out as straight as I possibly could, in order to make her fit the animation properly.That was harder to do than I imagined, since I didn’t want to go to any drastic lengths with it. As I said, it’s not designed for major league abuse. Also, a very good tip. When hair is damp, don’t put hat near it. If you do, you get black fuzzies on the head. Fortunately not many, but you know, black fuzzies aren’t generally good with platinum blond.

So anyhow, my Stingers, for better or worse, are complete. It’s a Hard, Hard Life, ya know?


The Stingers Hit Town!

The Stingers Hit Town

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