Integrity by name, Integrity by nature…

Now I know this will come as no surprise to the people who have been involved with IT for a long time, but I was really very impressed recently with Integrity’s customer service. So much so that I felt I ought to comment on it here, because we live in a world of complaining and sometimes it’s just right to give credit where it is due.

So my Jetta (loose) and my Pizzazz (IS) had some hand issues going on. Both of them had a faulty joint with one of their left hands – it had fused and wouldn’t move. I had to change hands over on both dolls because I was worried about them getting knocked and broken.

Following advice given to another member on the Jemcon board, I contacted IT about the problem.

Bear in mind that I am not a member of the W club. I am not in a country with an official IT distributer, and I did not buy any of my dolls direct from IT (albeit they did come from IT dealers). In spite of this, IT were very kind and helpful, and promised to send me out some new hands as soon as possible, no charge.

Today, they arrived. In the envelope were two pairs of hands – one pair for Pizzazz, one pair for Jetta, all in working condition.

Dolls now have their hands in perfect shape. I now have an extra spare of each right hand because obviously they sent the pairs…and at their own cost and expense.

Five stars to IT customer service. Even give that both dolls are currently still available, I was very impressed.

And, on another positive note, today I received a message from a Jem friend I lost touch with a long time ago. We parted on bad terms, but I hope now we’ve cleared the air. I hate being at odds with people, so it was awesome to hear from them after all this time 🙂

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