Wave VI – Regine, Clash, Danse…

So, wave VI.

This is actually the first wave with which I have been around and waiting at the time the pre-order notices first came up, and typically, it was also the most chaotic. I think I have seen the best and worst of the online community/trading in general since the dolls for this line were announced – the best because of the kind people on the Jemcon board trying to help others to find dolls from places they were still in stock, and the worst, because of the number of people who missed out and the number of dolls currently on Ebay at scalp prices. Not that I want to turn this into a rant or anything, but there’s something very low about hogging all the preorder dolls just so you can try to rip off a buyer by charging double the price on Ebay when it comes out.

I don’t want to rant about these dolls, though. In fact, the opposite. Of the four, I preordered two and purchased the third just this last week, since I judged (correctly, as it turned out) that she was the one who would still be in stock. I decided that I don’t really want Video, so the three I have are Danse, Regine and Clash.

Coming to Clash in a minute.

Let’s begin with Regine.She’s the chief victim of scalp selling, and the reason is simply this. Hasbro made only 500 Regine dolls. Regine is one of the more sought after but never made characters and over the years I have seen many custom versions. It was a given she was going to sell out quick and sell out quick she did. I bought mine from LaureBelleCouture in France (awesome seller by the way) and he was one of the last places to have her when I did. I should add that I put my order in the evening of the day they were officially announced. That’s how quickly she sold out. For that reason, I decided my Regine is going to stay in her box permanently. I can’t debox something that much in demand.
I always imagined her hair more aqua for some reason, although it’s blue in the cartoon. Her accessories are a bag and stuff, which are a bit odd as well in my opinion, but the doll herself is stunning. Her hair is really super curly, and although her outfit has always struck me as a bit bizarre, IT have pulled it off very well. I could add a whole in box photo here but there are tons of those on the web. Instead I wanted to use a close up, so people can really see in detail how awesome she looks.

But because she is staying in box, that curly hair will never be played with. Sigh. Such is life.

For that reason alone, perhaps, I bought Danse.

I still don’t know why I bought Danse. I never intended to. If I had predicted my preordering beforehand, it would’ve been just Regine, or maybe Regine and Clash. But no, for some reason, it was Danse. And you know, I don’t regret it. Because Danse is utterly stunning. I am lacking in words to describe that fact.

Danse is sold with two outfits. One is her ballet outfit from Only Me and the Music. Everyone has gone nuts over this, but I’m not a huge fan and I want my Danse in her original outfit. I must say that I’m not keen on the fabric used for the sash, and I think that the trousers are really delicate just by looking at them, but the doll herself  – despite doubts from many people – really looks like the show, down to the colours. I played around with that hair a lot, trying to get it right, but ultimately I decided on the Danse Time look.

As for Clash…how to explain Clash. I guess I’ll save that for a whole new post 😉

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