One Head Too Many – Or two, as the case may be…

^^ What happens when you upset the Misfits.

So Clash. Is it wrong to admit that the reason I bought Clash was largely because I wanted to play around with her heads? Because I absolutely wasn’t going to. Even though I knew she’d be part of Wave 6, I was not really looking to get her, and my focus was on Regine.

But I have a rather twisted sense of humour, and so that twisted sense of humour led me to a fun conversation with my sister, whose sense of Jem affection and humour is much the same as mine, and it ultimately led to my getting Clash.

Before I get into the disturbing world of our imagination, however, let me just do a quick assessment of Clash as a doll. Or maybe I should say, dolls. I think most fans would agree that it would’ve been really awesome to have a cross looking Jem head as the third head, to do the One Jem Too Many switch with, but sadly we got a generic blond head instead. Not really sure what that is meant to be – maybe the girl from Video Wars, but it isn’t totally clear.

The other two heads really nicely show Clash in her season 1 and season 2 guises – a change of identity that seems to suit the character in question.

So here they are. Clash’s two looks. What immediately struck me on switching the heads about is how different the expressions are with the different hair styles. Integrity have gone all out bad girl for the aqua and orange head, much in keeping with her behaviour in season 1. But the purple head is modelled very much on the Clash we see in Glitter and Gold, when she turns and looks and seems a bit out of her depth somehow. This Clash is that Clash, because her hair is longer and a little curly.

I was a bit torn over this. I intended (and still intend) to display the aqua and orange head, because it’s a Clash I never had from the original line. But in terms of pretty, the purple head wins it. She is gorgeous. The season 1 head has attitude, the other has a sense of class. I am even contemplating whether to try and get a body for the second one, just because she’s so pretty – but I expect, given my space constraints, that will fade. I just like how different they look, because to me Clash has always been a character who changes through the show.

So playing around with Clash – and as you can see from the above image, I had her swinging from the manga shelf at one point, whilst she currently is lunging behind Jetta, trying to smash her cymbals in Jetta’s ears – was a whole other bunch of fun. If you’re doll squeamish, or get offended by off-beat humour, maybe don’t scroll any further on this post. 🙂 This is a Misfit blog, after all.

So with heads comes one obvious photo opportunity. That is, there has to be at least one image of the headless ghost. Trick or Techrat eat your heart out, because Clash is geared up for the whole shebang. Not only can she remove her own head, she can also hold it very successfully under her own arm without any help. Epic Hallowe’en tricks coming your way. Who knew she was so talented?

And, of course, if one head becomes a bore, there’s always the option of juggling your identities. And I mean that in a literal sense, of course…

Clash takes her buddies to the shops. Or the cleaners. Or HeadsRUs.

I could make a really indepth and intelligent comment here about how the multiple heads represent Clash’s inner turmoil in trying to figure out her own identity, especially when rejected by her idols and pushed aside by the appearance of Jetta. But honestly, I just wanted to play with heads.  Is that really so wrong? I am a Misfit, after all…



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