My Jem Collection Photoshoot


When I first collected Jem, I wanted to have everything, and I felt that was important for a collection to be "complete". At some point, though, I realised that the person I was collecting for was me, not anyone else, and therefore there was no point in amassing items I didn't like that much just to say I had them. For that reason, there are fashions and even dolls missing from this collection. I no longer own Jem/Jerrica or Rio, except for my MIB Mexican Jem, and I have pared down fashions I consider "ugly", to keep only the nicer of the bunch. No more Friend or Stranger or How You Play The Game, no more Midnight Magic or Purple Haze.
Below is my display cabinet, in photo form. Each picture is hotspotted on particular dolls or fashions. Any doll that is hotspotted links out to a page with a better image and more detail on the fashion and/or the doll. Some of my dolls have stories behind them, which they're just dying to share.
Perfection is a nice thing to have, but a well loved collection has greater value. For that reason, my collection has some interesting and special dolls in amongst the mint display items...please feel free to take a look around :)

Custom Dolls: Jewel's World

Mexican Collection