First Edition Dolls



As I mentioned on my main page, I no longer have a Jem/Jerrica doll. I have several First Edition dolls lurking around my collection, but very few of them are wearing their original garb.

Pictured to the left is my loose First Edition Kimber. She is in pretty mint condition, and she is the edition most commonly found stateside, without the mullet and with the lighter make-up. I confess I am a bit fussy about dolls like Kimber...proud as I am to be British and to know that there are European variations, I think that the ballwrist Kimber looks a bit like an escaped I no longer have any in my collection.

On the right is my First Edition Shana doll. I can appreciate that from a distance, looking at the overall collection display, it does look as though I have more than one of these, but that isn't the case. This one is the proper First Edition, and like Kimber, she came from the States.

There is not very much to say about either Kimber or Shana in terms of special stories or memories. They are both complete dolls bought with all accessories to be display dolls. That's kinda dull, but they look pretty, so I guess that's all right.

I am sure people wonder where Aja is, and why she isn't a part of this page. The simple reason is that although I have a lot of loose Aja dolls, I don't have a complete loose First Edition any more. I do have a UK sold Aja Mint in Box, but right now she isn't accessible. So you'll just have to imagine that she is on this page. If and when I manage to dig her out, I'll add a photo, but for now, this is it ;)

I still think that Kimber's synth belongs far more with Stormer than with Kimber, but that's a whole other story.






Yeah, there's no Pizzazz here. Like Aja, she is somewhere in the mists of time known as my cupboard, and I can't currently get a hold of her to take a picture. Like Aja, I no longer have a loose First Edition Pizzazz.
What you will probably get from this whole missing doll thing is that I don't really like the First Edition dolls so much as I do the second Edition. This has nothing to do with Jetta's inclusion in the second year, and more to do with the fact that I like the way their instruments are made and the dolls are painted up and clothed better with the second year release.

The outfit and accessories belonging to Stormer in this picture have seen better days. I have had lots of Stormer flowers and accessories through my hands over the years, but have not kept the mint ones. Two reasons for this really. This Stormer is a very pretty American bought doll, but she is not my special Stormer. However, the outfit and flower she is wearing belong to my original Stormer, making them sentimentally valuable at the very least. I also have Second Stormer MIP, meaning that I have a mint top and mint flower. As for the guitar - I have a sense of identity crisis when it comes to Stormer and guitars. Basically, she shouldn't have one. And since I don't like this guitar, I see little reason to upgrade it. It stays because it belonged to my first Stormer. No other reason why.

Not much to say about Roxy, either. Likewise, she is a nice First Edition Misfit bought to display, but not much else. Her accessories are all mint, though...

Like the fan in the background? It's from a friend in India ;)