Jewel's World


I began collecting Jem when I was eighteen. Along with the fascination with the show and the colours and the dolls came a whole plethora of writing. I am the first to admit that a lot of the stuff I wrote in the early days was pretty...poorly written. Badly formatted, full of unecessary information dumping and all of the other horrible things that writers cringe at. But it was still a labour of fan affection, and so I don't really feel ashamed of it. This was the birth of Jewel - the future generation in Jem and the Misfits' world. I'd like to think that the stories got better as I went on - certainly I have a lot more confidence in my writing skill in the last stories when I look over them than I have in some of the early ones which I almost certainly will never rewrite. During the course of writing about Jewel I became especially fond of writing about Synergy's future self, which is why to me she is as important here as the Jewel girls themselves.

That writing brought me especially close to one Jem friend who I still value very much - Gemma Dawn, whose Teenangel Outsider characters were parallel with my own and whose stories overlapped.

If you haven't read Jewel's World, it doesn't matter. You need to be pretty determined to get through the early stuff to the better stuff later on, but I'd like to share my dolls with you anyway.

These are not necessarily the original dolls I made for these characters. There are earlier prototypes for Sylva, Nancy and Topaz which do appear in photos sometimes on the Jewel page (for earlier stories). There's also Sirena, she's missing at the moment because I need to do her hair properly, but I guess I'll add her later on ;)

So, without further ado, introducing Jewel's World.

Some dolls are rerooted, repainted and clothed entirely by me. Some are not rerooted, but have had things done to their hair in some way. Some are partial roots and some are wearing commercial fashions, rather than my handiwork. I'll be honest with that along the way. These were made from personal affection, not any other reason. Their imperfections reflect the evolution of the story world as well, so they are fine how they are.

Stefana was the last Jewel's World character I began making. Her head is sitting on my PC tower as I type this. She's not fully rooted and I can't find the black hair. So for now, she's still waiting.



:Elizabeth Santiago:

Copper is Jewel's drummer, and the daughter of former Hologram, Carmen "Raya" Alonso, as well as film director Esteban Santiago (who died before the story began). Intending to be a lawyer when she left school, ill health prevented Elizabeth's graduation, and she ended up playing in a local club in Michigan to raise money for her education. There, she was picked up by a talent scout and brought to Misfits Music.

Copper got her name from her father, who, proud that she had inherited his auburn hair, called her his "Copperita". She adopted the name as her stage name when Jewel began.

Copper the Doll
Because the only hispanic doll in the line is Raya, I had to be a bit more creative when creating Copper. I used a Darci doll, because she had the right skintone, but didn't have Raya's Pizzazz-mould features, which I didn't ever think was appropriate for Raya, let alone her daughter. Her hair is blond and auburn, although the fibres are delicate. She was one of my first reroot dolls. She has been rerooted, and repainted by me. Her trousers I think are also my handiwork, as is her belt, whereas the top came from some other doll line.




:Nancy Pelligrini:

Nancy is the youngest member of Jewel, and its songwriter, playing many different instruments. She hates big social occasions and has always been a bit of a social oddball, at first resistant to teaming up with anyone else to play music. She is the daughter of former Misfit, Jetta, and Roxy's brother, Justin. Though Goldie is her stagename, it was adopted under duress, and most everyone who knows her calls her Nancy. She normally plays lead guitar.

Nancy the Doll
This is actually my second Nancy doll. The first is a full reroot in black and yellow, using what I think was a Kimber mould. However, Nancy is meant to resemble Jetta, and when I wrote the yellow streaks out of her look in the story, I also decided to make a new doll that better represented Nancy's appearance. Obviously this used to be a Jetta doll, who had all the tinsel removed and a complete repaint to match Nancy's brown eyes and gold make up. This didn't show up as well on camera as I'd have liked. I made her jacket, but the dress is commercial.





:Sadie Monahue:

Sadie was the last member to join the band, and was hired as a result of Topaz taking a hiatus to have her daughter, Hollie. Born in Birmingham, England, Sadie came to America in an attempt to flee an abusive boyfriend, and worked hard to keep her chequered past a secret even after she joined the band. A talented artist as well as a musician, Sadie designed the album cover for the Jewel album "Exotic", and also helps Nancy to write music. She is also close friends with Diablo's Stefana. Her stage name, Garnet, is because of her birthmonth, which is January. She is the oldest Jewel, and normally plays bass guitar.

Sadie the Doll
This used to be a Clash doll, but she has been completely rerooted, repainted and dressed. This is one of the dolls for which I can take full credit or blame, whichever is more appropriate! I wanted to use the pink theme, because it was something I'd not touched on with Jewel, and obviously, I wanted to steer well clear of Jem. Sadie's hair, therefore, is a mix of white, pale pink and raspberry pink. The first and last colours came from My Little Pony spare tails, while the pale pink was harvested from a Rock and Curl Jem (I treat Rottencurls pretty badly, sorry about that). Her jacket was made using a pattern taken from She Makes An Impression's jacket, and her dress from a pattern roughly based on City Lights, if I remember correctly. Her necklace is just tiny beads on a piece of wire, hooked together at the back.




:Sylvina Martescu:

Sylva is the group's keyboard or synth player, and she is the eldest of twins. Her mother was Stormer of the Misfits, a fact she's very proud of, although it is her sister Anna who writes music, rather than Sylva herself. Her stagename is a contraction of her real name, which Pizzazz considers "soft". Sylva is the flirt and the party girl of the group, although she is also very generous at heart and loyal to her friends. Sometimes, though, she says things she shouldn't which end up in the local press.

Sylva the Doll
This is the second attempt at Sylva. The first used a Pizzazz mould, and this actually has a joke behind it, because Jewel's World originated with the idea of Sylva. I was messing around with screen captures and joking with a friend, and from that, Sylva was born. Pizzazz's mould didn't really suit the character she became, though, so I went back to the drawing board and tried again. This is obviously a Stormer head, and one which had lost a portion of hair. I rerooted that with black, and I repainted her completely with Sylva's makeup. The original doll had Stormer's slashes and lightning bolt, but I decided against that for the remake. Her clothes are made by me, as is her jewellery.




:Aurora Stapleton:

Topaz was first hired to the Jewel project following a temporary falling out between Nancy and the others, but was soon a permanent part of the act because of her stunning singing voice. She often sings vocal for Jewel, though also played bass guitar when Sadie was not a part of the group. She is less musically flexible than the others, but her voice usually gets her through. She is an outgoing and friendly individual, and has also dabbled in acting.


Topaz the Doll
The original Topaz doll was a GnG Jem head which I dyed the hair golden on, but I really didn't want Topaz looking like Jem, and so I moved on to this. Yes, she used to be a Video doll, largely because Video - at least some issues of her - is perfect colourwise for Topaz's shade of blond. I repainted her (she has got eyebrows, the light doesn't show them well because they are blond xD) and I made her outfit, including the glove. I think the dress was based off Splashes of Sound originally, but I forget now.





Cynthia is one of Synergy's alter-egos, and the one through which she has essentially built her own life. Left to fall into disrepair after the breakup of the Holograms, Synergy was discovered by Jetta's son Aaron, and brought back online. After a dramatic first foray into the world, which inadvertently revealed her existence, Synergy settled down into learning about 21st century life. With Aaron's help, she developed a "hardlight" solid form, with which she could touch and interact with people on a normal basis. Projected by a chip in her watch, Cynthia is as real to the outside world as anyone else. She works as Jewel's lighting manager and technical advisor, as well as doing odd-jobs around Misfits' Music. She donates her salary to Kimber at the Starlight Foundation, and sees herself as a true Benton sister. She has a mischievous disposition, but is usually on hand to help.

Cynthia the Doll
I gave some thought to Cynthia the doll. She was originally going to have curls, like the character and the original doll in the animation, but somehow this sleek hair suited the doll better when it came to the crunch. She has been completely rerooted, painted and dressed in clothing made by me. The dress is based on the top from She Makes An Impression, only lengthened to a full length dress instead of a top. I forget what inspired the beret, but it might have been Music In The Air.





Madeleine (known as Maddy) is the niece of Regine Cesaire, and the singer with Connecticut rock band Diablo, who are the top act from Rory Llewelyn's music company, Rebel Records. Though they have had their runins with Jewel, Maddy is a peaceable, down to earth soul who doesn't believe in playing sneak games to get ahead. For this reason she often clashes with her bandmate Stefana, who likes to stir up trouble whenever she can. Madeleine originally had plans to go into politics, but changes in her life led her down the path of music stardom. She is one of the best singers in Los Angeles, and good competition for Topaz in this regard.

Maddy the Doll
Obviously, Maddy used to be a Shana doll. I love Shana. I think she's a beautiful doll, and so I didn't know if I'd be able to customise one. But then this one turned up, with lots of buzzcut bits of hair, and I knew that it was all gonna be just fine :) The purple hair is Shana's original hair, and the aqua is the rooted hair I've added to make Maddy's bicolour curls. Her original perm has been knocked loose a bit by storage, but I think she still looks quite pretty like this, so I've not redone it. She's been repainted by me, but her dress is a generic barbie dress of some kind that just fit her colour scheme. The flower matches that dress.