Music Is Magic Fashions

One thing that always irked me slightly was that they never made fashions with instruments for the Misfits. Can you imagine how awesome it would've been to have a special saxophone release with a fashion for Jetta (who never got any outfits anyway, so was totally shortchanged)?

Anyhow, I like these enough that I kept them all as part of my collection. Electric Chords is the only one I sold, and that because its the only boxed one I own. You can see it behind Aja in the image on the left. I always displayed it on Shana, though obviously it has keys - and to me it didn't match with Kimber, so was therefore hard to display well.

In terms of the others, 24 Carat Sound is probably my favourite. I love the colourscheme and the gold accents on the outfit, and I think it suits Aja so well. I found a particularly pretty first year Aja to wear it, and I think the whole thing works really well.

On the right is Rhythm and Flash. This is my first Raya doll, and I guess the one who is, in my collection, "Raya" as opposed to a display doll. I did get her with her accessories, but her tights were wrecked and her belt likewise...her drums were entirely missing, too. I decided when I got the MIB doll to cut my losses and part with her accessories...and then I gave her this to wear.

In the cartoon, Jem wears this. I have no clue why. Jerrica clearly has zero aptitude for any instrument other than her vocal chords, and I don't think there's a single scene where she plays anything. More importantly, in Talent Search, when Shana asks her to play drums, Jem says she, "wouldn't know where to start." Rhythm and Flash has a tambourine, which to most people seems like a basic instrument. However, my sister is a percussionist by hobby, and she'd flay me alive if I dared suggest anything of the sort.

Raya is the percussionist of the group, therefore Raya gets the outfit with the percussion instrument. No arguments. I'm sure that this was what was really meant to happen, anyway. I can't rightly remember who was pictured on the box for this outfit - but only Raya really makes any sense.

As you can see, my Raya's hair is not wildly curly, but big and wavy. She's probably lost a fair bit of her original curl, to be honest, but I think it suits her that way. The earrings she's wearing are also not Jem originals, but very cute and similar gold hoops that matched both her and the fashion.



Rock N Roses is another outfit I really like. It's the outfit Kimber wears when she and Stormer sign the contract in Bands Break Up, and it's pretty much one of her signature outfits throughout the show. Until I got Broadway Magic, this was my special Kimber's outfit, with the ponytail to match - but we all have to move on in the world at some point. This particular Kimber is a very pretty First Edition doll. You can also just see behind her the MIB Fire & Ice I mentioned on the Glitter and Gold Page.

Starstruck Guitar, on the right, is probably a more confusing match. I'm sure folk are wondering why, if I won't put Jem in an outfit with a tambourine, I'm willing to put Danse in one with a guitar. The reason is, quite simply, I think it suits her. Starstruck Guitar is a beautiful outfit, but working out who ought to wear it is a bit of a challenge. I have this vague sense of seeing Danse wearing it in promo material, maybe even the box - but I might've hallucinated that. Either way, it goes nicely with the colours in her hair, so this time I let canon take care of itself, and went with colour scheme instead.

I think this is also an outfit Jem wears in the show. Obviously, this is a Jem free zone, so I had to make other plans.

The final addition to the ensemble is Splashes of Sound. I'm hopelessly biased when it comes to pretty Shana dolls, but don't you think that this is one of the nicest Shana faces you could possibly find among First year dolls? I really like this Shana, which is one reason why when I parted with Electric Chords, I kept her behind. She is a First with a Widow's Peak, and she has really nice curly hair in a way a Shana really should. This is obviously her outfit in the show, too, and she rounds up my Music is Magic fashion collection display.

You probably guessed by now that I'm a bit fussy when it comes to what dolls wear what colours and how. I have several dolls which are not quite perfect - but I like to try and match the doll to the fashion, and there's the challenge.