Onstage Fashions

I have a kinda mismatch of these now, since I parted with about half of them over the past few years.Three of them I have mint in package - Set Your Sails, Dancin' The Night Away, Encore - and others I just decided not to keep (like Friend or Stranger and How You Play The Game).

If you look at the main picture, you can see Music Is Magic, Permanent Wave and Award Night among the loose dolls, and if you squint, you can just about see some of the MOC ones behind the top right shelf dolls, but my two favourite Onstage fashions are these two - There's A Melody Playin' and Love's Not Easy, and I decided to focus on them on this page.

Love's Not Easy was one of the final Onstage fashions I got when I was aiming for the full set; it's also one of the most stunning and the most hard to find, which explains why it took me so long to nail it. I traded for it, I think - never would've afforded it's Ebay price, so that must be the case.

With the other - There's A Melody Playin' - I just lucked out. I have no idea how, but I managed to obtain the dress and the sock for a pittance, and then it was just a case of nailing the shoes. You have to love BIN auctions and quick reflexes! Because of that this was actually one of the FIRST fashions I had. I don't see it come up often, so I guess I did good.

I spoke about Hybrid Shana already on the Mexican page, but the Aja in There's A Melody Playin' is noteworthy largely because of her hair. I don't think I've ever seen an Aja with such straight and defined hair before. She has very clearly marked layers, which most Aja dolls don't have, making her a lot like the cartoon.

This outfit could also use panties. Let's not go there though, huh? :)

Aja is a First Edition doll of course ;)

I should make an honourable mention here for Permanent Wave - it was the first fashion I ever got, and I bought it specially for Red Kimber, who of course was my first ever doll.