Other Dolls


It's not possible for me to talk about my collection without talking about Synergy. This doll...was all my sister's fault. She cost me $5, she had her leotard and that was all she had...and my sister put the bid in for me because I kept on debating whether or not I should get any more Jem dolls after Kimber.

I was and still am fascinated by Synergy - both the character and it's possibilities and the fact this was a purple doll. PURPLE. I grew up in a world where every single doll I saw on shop shelves was fair skinned and blond with blue eyes. I hated this monotony and it put me off dolls for good. But I know if I had seen Synergy, I would've coveted her like nothing else.

So, Synnie was my second doll. She has her accessories now, because even though I have a MIB Synergy, this is my Synergy and nothing else really is appropriate. As well as her accessories, however, she has the white boa. She's always had that boa. She's worn it since I got her, pretty much. I can't even remember what it comes from - but it's become Synergy's boa, and so that's fine. Synergy plus boa on display in the cabinet.

The one sad thing I have with Synergy is that she had proper eyes, not like the cartoon. So...I decided that I needed to rectify that - though not with my own Synergy, of course. She was too precious - another had to be found for the job.

The outfit was made by - I THINK - ShanasFashions, though I might be remembering wrong. I know Barb made one other fashion for me so I may be confused. I repainted this Synergy to try and match the cartoon facial expression as much as possible, and then, of course, needed the right outfit for the job. Synergy's outfit is a bit beyond my skills, because of the patterning and the precision needed for the right fabric...so I didn't take any chances.

I haven't really thought about getting Integrity Synergy - which is a good thing, considering her price - largely because I already have this one. For me this is "Cartoon Synergy", whereas the one with the boa is simply, "Synnie" ;)

Among my other custom dolls from the Jewel project, I also have Cynthia and, somewhere, Holographic Jacqui. But they're boxed away at the moment, and so I'll have to add images at a later date.

Stormer and Jetta are my favourite Misfits, but Synergy is my other favourite character from Jem.





You know, I always said that I wasn't going to get the Starlight Girl dolls.

Unfortunately, they had different ideas ;)

Ashley, on the left and BaNee on the right. I always really liked BaNee, actually. I think it was because she was the only character who really cared that Roxy needed help in Roxy Rumbles. Coincidentally, you can see there's a Roxy doll sitting behind BaNee. This is Roxy-No-Hands, as I call her - a repair project of mine who I began fixing up a long time ago. She's wearing a fashion I made for her, but she still, as yet, lacks new hands. Still, it's fine. BaNee is there to help her out.

None of the Starlight Girls were sold in the UK as far as I can ascertain. For that matter, nor was Synergy, and nor was Jetta. Late additions to the line never made it across the sea, probably because Hasbro generally staggered their releases of toys between the US and the UK and we often got stuff a bit later on in the season. Years of MLP data collecting has taught me that, as well.

They only made three Starlight girls, which is a shame, because I kinda liked Dierdre as well. Never mind.








The third member of the trio is, of course, Krissie. I don't remember her ever being quite so curly in the cartoon - but I am under the impression that these were afterthoughts to the Jem line and were designed from the animation, and not the other way around.

I don't have proper images o the main page yet, but you can also see that BaNee and Ashley are sitting on the Roadsters. Driving my Roadsters are Mexican dolls - Aja and Kimber have the basic one, and Roxy and Pizzazz have the Glitter and Gold one. I felt it unfair the Misfits never had their van made, so I shared cars between them. It's not like Jem's coming to claim them, right?

Behind Krissie you can see Outta My Way on card. She's the only Starlight doll for whom I have a proper stand, which is another reason why the other two are perched in the way they are. (Don't try this at home, kids ;))

That pretty much sums it up for the "other" category - seeing as I don't have any Rio dolls any more ;D













A lot of people also OOAK characters from Jem, both with outfits and with the dolls themselves. Most people, however, don't OOAK Jetta, which I think is a shame. I may be biased though!

When I was writing Jem fanfic (which was begun a long time ago, don't judge me on its quality in the early days...), I also had the concept of Jetta ultimately taking a partnership with Pizzazz in Misfits Music, which is the backbone of the Jewel's World setting. This outfit is not made by me - it's definitely made by Barb of ShanasFashions, but it is based on one Jetta wears in the cartoon. The doll, however, has been completely meddled with. We always see Jetta in her "onstage" persona, but I wanted to take her down to basics, and make out what she really looked like underneath the glitz and the white paint. She has her original eyes, but her hair is rerooted so that it lies more naturally (the original head had a buzz cut, otherwise I couldn't have done anything so drastic to a Jetta!) and her makeup basically removed. Her lips are also darker. This is "Executive Jetta" - the Jetta I imagined coming into the fray during the end of my Misfitfic arc and into Jewel's World.

I have another custom Jetta, too, which is pictured on the right.

This time it's a cartoon OOAK Jetta, who was rerooted from a Stormer head. I like the Stormer mould better than the one Jetta actually has, which I don't really think suits her personality as well as it suits Danse and Clash, so I wanted to try something a little different. This doll has been completely reworked - painting, hair rooting and dressing - which I am responsible for in all regards (so any issues or flaws are all my own work xD). She is dressed in the outfit of the roller rink in Scandal, one of Jetta's more dramatic and stunning numbers.

I can stitch quite well, but only by hand, not with a machine - so any outfits I make take a lot of time. For that reason, I pick and choose which ones I do and why - and a lot of my focus has been on Jetta's absent Misfit wardrobe, as well as other Misfit outfits.







She did used to have a belt, but I don't know where it's got to. I didn't even remember making LinZ until I unpacked some of my doll stuff and found her. She used to be a Video doll, one with the paler hair colour, whose hair has been cut and boil permed to match LinZ's curly style. Her makeup has simply been removed - I don't know if I planned to repaint her, or if I just decided to leave it as it was.

The outfit was made by me. As I said, belt disappeared somewhere. The tunic dress is roughly based on SMAI's top and lengthened, the gloves are made from scratch and the legging probably patterned from Roxy's originally, but made in more durable fabric.

The mic she stole from Jem.