Smashin' Fashions

Probably this will come as no surprise to anyone, but this is the only set of fashions which I have kept absolutely complete.

Well, no. Not entirely true, because for some unknown reason, Hasbro decided to make Rio's fashions a part of the Smashin' Fashion line in the first year. I consider this a travesty of justice, and since I have no Rio, I have absolutely zero interest in any of his fashions. I think I had part of one once. It didn't stick around.

The caveat is that half of my Smashin Fashions are mint in package, and half of them are on dolls. All of them are complete, though, and some of them have little additions to them to make them more like the show. For the most part, the fashions are displayed on the characters who wear them in the cartoon, but this isn't entirely the case - for example, I have a Clash wearing Makin' Mischief. I have not done close-up photos of all the fashions, not least because it's hard to take pictures of MOC fashions without removing all the dolls first, but here is a taster of what I consider some of the finest Jem fashions in the line up.

To the left, of course, is Designing Woman. This is Pizzazz's fashion, and it suits Pizzazz down to the ground. I added the pink bow because in the animation she wears a pink ribbon with this outfit. Of course, that is the bit which is displayed here as the wrap, but I don't intend on destroying the fabric by tying knots in it, so this works just as well. Designing Woman is also one of my favourite Misfit songs, and it coincidentally features on Jetta's tape too :)

This Pizzazz doll is a Second Edition. Second Edition Pizzazz dolls are so pretty...I love how they look.

Behind Pizzazz, you can just about make out the edges of You're Off And Running (left) and Just Misbehavin' (right) on card.

To the right, we have Stormer (I call her scary Stormer, I got her in a lot from France, and she has very vivid eye makeup that makes her look a real Misfitty type) in Ain't Nobody Better, and Clash in Makin' Mischief. Behind them you can see You Gotta Be Fast, which I confess is one of my favourite Misfit fashions. I did used to have it loose, and displayed on a very pretty Roxy doll, but I parted with it when space constraints demanded. I suppose now if I regret parting with anything, it's probably that, but since I have it MIP, it's still part of my collection. It's just such a nice fashion to dress up a doll in - and I'd say, possibly the hardest Misfit fashion to find.


Makin' Mischief is being worn by Clash because of the colour scheme. Clash is a really useful display doll. You'd be surprised how versatile she is - but I also find her a very pretty doll. All my Clash dolls are a bit different from each other, and I think it's a shame Hasbro never made her any outfits of her own.


One thing which is very clear is that I seem to have a lot of Pizzazz dolls in this section. There's a good reason for that - both the Pizzazz in Gimme Gimme Gimme (left) and You Can't Catch Me (right) are part of my Mexican collection. More about that on that page. I know that You Can't Catch Me is traditionally a Roxy outfit, but somehow I've always felt it suited Pizzazz better. You Gotta Be Fast and Let The Music Play are Roxy's fashions for me - and you can see Roxy sitting down to the right is wearing Let The Music Play.

I never understood why this fashion was named after a Hologram song, nor why it was named after one that was almost certainly not thought of when Hasbro brought out the fashion, but I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will know the reason why. Either way, it suits the character and so this is the only Roxy I have displaying a Misfit fashion these days. She is a ball-wrist, as the spiky hair doesn't look quite so odd on her as it does on Kimber.

Behind her and You Can't Catch Me Pizzazz you can see more clearly the MOC versions of We're Off And Running and Just Misbehavin'. To the left of Gimme Gimme Gimme Pizzazz is MOC Winning Is Everything. The only one missing from this part of the shelf is Outta My Way, which is one of the MOC items on the shelf next door. Ran out of space ;)

I used to have all of these loose, but it made for a very cluttered Misfit fashion section. So in general, this is fine.

I wish that they had made fashions for Jetta instead of Rio, but what can you do?