Special Misfits

How to explain these guys.

Each of these are my first of each Misfit character. It's no secret where my loyalties are, so you could say these are the central core or backbone of my collection.
These are my four very special Misfit dolls. If I remember right, Roxy came with some of her stuff, Stormer with most of hers, Jetta with all of hers, and Pizzazz...I have this feeling she was nude.

I don't know for sure, of course, but I am fairly convinced that Roxy and Stormer are First Edition dolls and Pizzazz is a Second Edition doll. However, it hardly matters, since as you can see...they're not really wearing their proper stuff.

I used to swap fashions around my dolls a lot, so these guys got to wear all the Misfit fashions that the series associated them with - but in the end, I decided to do something more original with my most special Misfit dolls. Roxy has a second edition guitar because I like it better than the first - no other reason. Jetta has her own saxophone, and Zazz's Mic comes from one of the accessory sets - Welcome to the Jungle, I think.

Stormer's synth is, of course, a painted up Kimber synth - I never liked the fact Stormer had a guitar, and so the first beat up kimber keyboard I got, I had my paints out :) The "M" at the top seems much more fitting for Misfits anyhow, since they decided to call Jem Jem and not "M".

The outfits were all custom made. Roxy was made by a friend, whilst the other three I made based on outfits from the cartoon. Pizzazz wears hers in Father's Day, Jetta in Rock & Roll Express and Stormer hers in Britrock, though they wear them in other places too. In the background you can see MIP Synergy, Second Edition Stormer and Video. .