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My Jem Wantlist

As a lot of people already know, I am currently in the process of saving coppers to do a PhD, and these things are pretty expensive. As a result, Jem purchasing is a rare thing for me these days. However, these are the things I would be looking for, at the right price, in the right condition, in a perfect world :) Asterisks indicate the level of want.

Main Jem Line

We Can Change It: Jem version. I have the jumpsuit and shoes, I just need the sheer vest. Not really fussed about the rest.
Off and Running: Alternative tights (variation, have with the normal peach mint on card)
Puttin' It All Together (I have none of this, but I am only interested in central parts of the outfit that can be worn.)
Will consider MIP fashions I don't have at reasonable prices. Am not really interested in MIP dolls as they take up space, except Mexican ones, see below...

Mexican Dolls
Hybrid Kimber. (Accessories optional)**** Will consider in any condition, provided that head and body have always been a definite pair ;)
Hybrid Stormer (as above)
Any Mexican doll MIB except Jem, Aja (pure), Pizzazz (pure), Kimber (pure) and Shana (pure, have complete with box and all bits)

Integrity Dolls
Aside from my pet Misfits, Stormer and Jetta, I am only looking for Integrity dolls of certain characters who Hasbro did not get around to making in the 1980s. I am not interested in Jem, Jerrica, Rio, Aja, Shana, Kimber, Raya or Synergy at this time.

Complete Dolls (Loose or in box, loose but complete generally preferred since I hate deboxing)

Loose items from Integrity Dolls or nude dolls
Pizzazz: In Stitches Release ONLY (not looking for original, must have outfit. May consider set with Jem at reasonable price)

Rapture: Guitar cord ONLY (really not a priority though)
Jetta - nude doll. ****(I have Jetta in her box, so her accessories are not that important to me. I just want a Jetta doll loose to play with too, because, well, she's JETTA).
Roxy - Nude doll will do. Not fussed about her fashion so very much.
Astral: Hat. Not really bothered about her cuffs or cards.
I would consider nude IT dolls from other characters in the series but only at a reasonable price. They can come without accessories of any kind, but I categorically cannot afford $60 or thereabouts for a single loose nude doll. for