Welcome to my Tenchi Muyo! Fansite!   **currently under construction but feel free to potter around the scaffolding!***

"I'm too cute to be a monster!"WELCOME!!

There are a lot of fansites out there in cyberspace. Tenchi Muyo! is one of those animes that attracts people like a moth to a flame (or like orange light to Ryoko's hand, if you'd rather!)

This is my small offering to the pile. I'm not a great artist, or a startling website designer..so you probably won't see any natty graphics or cunning coding on this site. But I hope it won't ruin the enjoyment of the visit any, anyway!

No prizes for anyone who guesses that Ryoko is my favourite character. She's sassy, bitchy, naughty and hard-edged, but in a crisis, noone comes through in quite the same way as she does. She's a strong, determined character with a lot of depth and pizzazz, and so this little fan-site is dedicated to her :)

I first got into Tenchi Muyo when it was on Toonami (I know! Scandalous cut and edited episodes alert!) and I was watching reruns of Justice League and XMen Evolution at the time. (So I'm a geek. I don't care. I'm proud to be!). I'm also a collector of Jem (dolls from a cult 1980s cartoon series) and Ryoko, with her wild hair and attitude, reminded me a lot of the villain characters from that show - to whom I have an entire fansite dedicated. Once drawn in, I was hooked - and I managed to tape most of the OVA and odd episodes from Universe before I finally nailed the DVD releases and added the complete series to my collection. Even though it was the OVA I saw first, my preference is probably with the character interaction and integration of the Universe series (and this site is named after the most emphatic episode of the whole lot, in my book!!) I've often seen people criticise Universe as lacking depth - but all I can say to those people is that depth and detail isn't something that gets offered on a plate. If you want depth, you have to look deeper. Stands to reason really ;)

Despite that, I actually love the OVA, Tenchi in Tokyo and Tenchi Universe (plus the movies!) all for their different qualities and traits. (Although the less said about my opinion of OVA part three, the better!)

My website is principally devoted to another small geeky obsession of mine - hyperanalysis of characters and character behaviour. I like to write and have written FanFiction for quite some time (although I have only just begun with Tenchi) and it's my belief that in order to write a good story about a character, you need to know them inside out. Hence, that's what my little shrine is all about. The characters ripped apart and laid bare in the most minute of symbolic detail. Don't say I didn't warn you...I like to go to town on these things!!

For the time being, only the mainstream canons (OVA, Universe and Tokyo) are really focused in on in terms of character analysis, although spinoff shows and characters are also mentioned. I may get round to doing more with them in time, but for the time being my ears are still hurting from Pixy Misa and Pretty Sammy's high pitched Japanese shouting, so that will have to wait a while ;)

In the meantime, welcome :D And enjoy the site!

Tenchi Muyo! is copyright to Pioneer, AIC and the original creators, with whom this webmistress and site have no affiliation!