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"The Demon At Roshomon"
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Tenchi Muyo! Series Guide

Brief introduction here!

This section of the site, logically, is devoted to the various television shows and films in the Tenchi-verse. I want to emphasise the fact that I do not speak Japanese, and so my knowledge of the show is based on English subtitles and English dubbing. I don't think, however, that that being the case invalidates my opinions of the show in any shape or form :) I know there are a few dedicated Anime fans who have gone to the trouble of learning Japanese in order to watch shows in their native tongue,and I salute those people. However, French and Spanish are enough foreign languages for my brain to absorb at any one time!

I've included all of the series that I've had access to on these pages. Some are mainstream Tenchi (in that they're based around him and the girls in the Masaki house, Masaki shrine, etc) and some are spinoffs that feature one or more main character from the show but in a different setting (Pretty Sammy is a good example of this)!

Please note that I am not associated in any way with AIC, Pioneer or any of the current people beind Tenchi or any of it's sister animes. And also, my opinions are just that - opinions - and are not meant as a definitive overview of any of the television series. Everyone sees things differently, after all :D

Oh yes. Please also beware spoilers on these pages. I will go into plot information, so if you'd rather not know, don't go any further!