Paradise Estate And Paradise (1987 Insert)
(UK INSERT, Early 1987)

Paradise Estate
There is a lot of confusion and controversy about this playset, and whether or not it came with a pony. 
The answer is no, but not for want of trying!
Three Hasbro sources claim that there was to be a Paradise pony of some form sold with the Estate - the list I have mentions Paradise Estate with Paradise Pony, the UK catalogue PICTURES a Non So Soft Paradise, and the insert for early 1987 also has Paradise sketched in in front of the Estate.
So why did Paradise the pony never come out here?
The only answer I can suggest is that it was all to do with cost. Paradise Estate was a huge manufacturer's undertaking, and cost a whopping £60 ($100+) brand new in stores in 1987. I wonder if maybe adding a pony with it was just a cost too far. Whatever the truth of it, I have yet to find anyone who bought the Estate new and got a Paradise with it.
The Estate was advertised copiously during 1987 in a fabulous 2 page advert in the pony comic.
"Every pony dreams of living in Paradise..."
Paradise was, very conspicuously, NOT mentioned in this advert. By the time the Estate hit these mediums, it seemed, the idea of the accompanying pony was already gone for good.

 Paradise Estate (UK catalogue)
(Taken from the UK Catalogue - thanks to Pranceatron for this scan!!)