1986 saw some diversity in the My Little Pony line all across the world. It was the year that kids were introduced to the beautiful but horrifically delicate Flutter Ponies, with their irridescent wings and smaller stature. There were more Twinkle Eyes and, in North America at least, new So Soft Pony characters. In the UK, to compensate perhaps for some of the 'missing' sets, came the first group of motley original style ponies, comprising a unicorn, a pegasus and earth ponies. There were also the first birthday party sets, and developments on the Sea Pony theme.

Although the UK had never seen the full array of the second set of Rainbow Ponies (despite their frequent comic appearances), this year they DID get Confetti, dressed up like a bride. Oddly, she was also in a unique pose. Hasbro UK were deviating from the theme again - something which became yet more apparent when they decided to release four of the Beddy Bye Eye Baby Ponies...without the Beddy Bye Eyes!