First Tooth Baby Ponies

With the advent of 1987, Baby Ponies had apparently "grown up", because there was a new junior on the block. As Newborn Twin ponies became the new "baby" of the generation, the First Tooth Baby Ponies surrendered their rattles and nappies for star-print panties, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other toys. These included teething rings, glowworms, stacking toys and pillows with a felt tooth for the tooth fairy.

First Tooth Baby Ponies were marketed as the next step in Baby Pony evolution - that was why each of them had their own rather goofy "first tooth".

For a reason best known only to Hasbro, none of the babies in this set had a unicorn horn. All six of them were baby versions of existing Adult Ponies, however, though because of the above unicorn rule, Baby Fifi was forced into being an Earth Pony. Baby Lickety Split was the only recycled character from an earlier year. Because of the tooth, they featured three new poses - two earth baby ones and two baby pegasus ponies. These poses would be recycled for later non-first tooth baby sets, such as the Twice as Fancy Baby Ponies and the Fancy Pants Baby Ponies.

The First Tooth Baby Ponies played a role in both the UK comic and the American made cartoon series. In the TV show they were cast as often unwilling babysitters to the Newborn Twins, exhibiting jealousy and exasperation at dealing with tiny squalls. In the UK, they had nothing so responsible to do, though they got themselves into such trouble that they found themselves being sent with "slitherwigs" to an up and down land in order to improve their behaviour (think Snakes and Ladders on a grand scale!). Baby Bouncy also managed to swipe Majesty's invisibility shoes and turn herself invisible on one occasion!