Technically, the My Little Pony friends were Hasbro cheating. None of these creatures are actually ponies - or even really equine - but other animals along the My Little Pony theme. The first set was issued in 1987 and comprised four characters - a lion, a zebra, a giraffe and a camel. Obviously the theme was successful, as more Pony Friends would be released in 1988.

This set were never sold in the United Kingdom under any guise or premise. There are many rumours floating around the net that suggest they were - and that they were sold with dolls in the same mould or style as "Molly", Megan's little sister. All of this is complete nonsense. In fact, the concept itself was mistakenly drawn from the emergence of a Hasbro catalogue picture. This picture shows four dolls with the Pony Friends, and some websites have made the assumption that it must be a "UK" release. Actually, though, the scan has been proven to come from an American Hasbro catalogue - so it seems more likely that the dolls were simply prototypes that were planned but were never in fact released. Unfortunately, the myth still perpetuates itself and there are many collectors still hunting in vain for the missing dolls.

Another point of note is the fact that, on the back of their cards, the Pony Friends also feature Baby Sundance with the first tooth. This is another mythical prototype pony who featured in the same catalogue, on an American insert and also in the television commercial for the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe. It seems at one point she was projected for release in 1987, North America. But, for whatever reason, the release never came about - and the pony has never been found.

In short, then, this set contains only the four characters you see above.