Slumber Party Gift Pack

With the successful Birthday Party Gift Pack the previous year, Hasbro decided to release a second 'gift pack' - this time on a Slumber Party theme. Though this set was never sold in the UK as such, it is not uncommon to find the componant ponies over here, since these were one of the groups sold in large quantities as end of line stock after My Little Pony ended in North America. Baby Night Cap, Pink Dreams (with her wings) and the twins at least have all been found in simple bagged packaging, sold as extras to playsets like the My Little Pony Kitchen or simply on their own, with a strip of grey monogrammed cardboard stapled across the top of the bag. I have not heard of any Pillow Talks being found here - but that does not mean she did not come over as well!

(From USA insert, 1987)

The set featured samples of some of the year's themes. Pink Dreams was the flutter, Baby Nightcap the First Tooth Baby, Sleepy Head and Sleep Tight the Newborn Twins and Pillow Talk the (slightly unconventional) Twice as Fancy. The accessories included popcorn, a game similar to Twister, records and a record player, a sleeping bag and other bits and pieces (shown below).

(please note some ribbons are missing)

Because of the nature of their release in the UK, the accessories were never sold over here and are harder to find on the second hand market than those from the Party Gift Pack.

Like the previous year's North American release of the Party Gift Pack, the Slumber Party Gift Pack came in a large box with windows cut out to show the ponies inside.


One other thing - am I the only one to find it a touch dodgy for ponies in this set to be called "night cap", "pillow talk" and "pink dreams"...?