1989 saw the introduction of more new styles, gimmicks and characters as My Little Pony continued to enjoy a massive popularity wave. This year My Little Ponies would learn to dance, have sun sensitive hair, would resemble carousel horses and be princesses, and there would even be the first bonafide My Little Pony family sets.

This was also the last year for some styles. The Windy Wing Ponies would be the final set of tiny butterfly-like creatures, and the Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals would mark Hasbro's last venture into animal companions for the little ponies to play with.

And, into all of this came a new playset, the Mummy Charm special offer and the final edition (can you hear me cheering?) of Megan and Sundance.

This year's insert is one of the most difficult to find of all the UK inserts, and I think this is because not all of the ponies sold this year (including the family babies) were released with it included in their packaging. This may be on account of the fact many of them had Mummy Charms, but more likely it was an oversight given the tiny packages these ponies were sold in! This year's insert was first printed in the latter half of 1988, and features some of 1988's ponies as well as those new and rereleased for 1989.

Some themes from earlier years were also modified and repeated, introducing the first set of newborn singlets, and clydesdale baby boy ponies with turning heads!