1992 was a year of partings and of beginnings. It was the year in which Hasbro in the US decided to pull the plug on My Little Pony,but, at the same time, it marked the continued development and independent evolution of My Little Pony in parts of Europe. The cross-over of My Little Pony terminations and beginnings in this year is a bit of a complex one, and so I have resolved it by putting most of the UK and European continuation of the line into 1993, rather than here in 1992.

The truth was, of course, that there is no such direct division. Whatever was happening Stateside, in Europe, we were oblivious. My Little Pony here was thriving, and many of the ponies from 1991 continued into 1992. The Seven Characters of My Little Pony Tales fame also first appeared in 1992.

This section, then, is more a tribute to Year 10 of My Little Pony in North America, as, on these pages, are the last ponies to be sold over there officially. There are a few exceptions to that rule, however, for Europe introduced a few playset concepts during this time frame which cannot be located anywhere else.

Some of these also found release in the 1991-2 or 1992-3 pony lines in the UK or continental Europe. Some had different releases or variations on the theme, but many just disappeared into the mist.

This year had some more abstract and experimental ideas; Hasbro did not consider ending the line to be a reason to not create and introduce new poses or concepts. For that reason, this year ended US My Little Pony with a bang - and provided plenty of ideas for Hasbro UK and Hasbro International into the years ahead.