1983:Earth Ponies


Orange earth pony with yellow hair, red-orange apples symbol. FRECKLED.

Aww. Everyone loves Applejack.
Clumsy, dopey and inevitably loveable, Applejack played a major role in both the US and the UK concept of My Little Pony.

Her issue was complicated, and requires a moment to explain. Initially she was sold everywhere in the same style -the shy pose as shown above, with silky straight hair. Then, when she and Bow Tie were re-released as part of the next set of Earth Ponies, something odd happened. In the US and Canada, she retained her shy pose, instead inheriting curly hair (a new gimmick for that year). But in the UK release (coined by Hasbro in their list as "Groom and Style" ponies) she retained her straight hair - but changed poses. This time she was made in the pose given to the original six My Little Ponies.

It seems that Applejack's accessories also differed per issue. The collector pose issue had a comb and ribbon, while the curly haired edition a butterfly brush and ribbon - albeit in the same colours.

I do not know the accessory colours of the original Applejack's edition for the US or the UK.
Thanks go to ROSSE for the donation of Collector Pose/Groom and Style Applejack Mint On Card.
Second Edition US Applejack MOC is from my own collection.

2nd EDITION APPLEJACK: Sold with the US Year 3 Earth Pony Set (1985)

"GROOM N STYLE" Applejack: Sold with the UK Earth Pony Set (1985)