1983:Unicorn and Pegasus Ponies


Pink pegasus pony with blue hair, glittering blue lightning bolts symbol

Arguably, Firefly is the most iconic and memorable My Little Pony. For a child in North America, she was the pony who first found Megan in the TV special (yep, lets blame her for that...) and who essentially helped save the day by her daring aerobatics. Even in the comics in the UK, she was daring and fond of acrobatic displays. But, which is perhaps not well illustrated in her heroic cartoon debut, Firefly in the UK was also something of a liability. Not only an adrenalin junkie, Firefly would often get herself into the most stupid of dilemmas - such as eating Contrary Cake and deciding she hated all of ponyland - and it would almost always be up to Medley (with Majesty's help) to save the day.

I never much cared for Firefly -I always preferred Medley's more steady, intelligent character. But there is no doubt that Firefly is the pony that sticks in people's minds. She was reissued in the second set of unicorn and pegasus ponies, as Medley was, but this time with long curly hair instead of the silky straight hair of the first edition.

Far later on in the line, Hasbro re-released the first television special onto a pink video and sold it with a new edition of Firefly. This pony stood in a different pose, had a painted symbol and darker blue hair (below right). The television episode was renamed "Firefly's Adventure" to glorify the pony it was marketing. Though often known as 'Movie' Firefly, she has no connection to My Little Pony: The Movie, and was actually issued with the aforementioned "Rescue at Midnight Castle".

None of these editions were ever sold in the United Kingdom.

SECOND EDITION FIREFLY: Sold with the Pegasus and Unicorn set, 1984-5

"MOVIE" FIREFLY: Sold with a video in the early 1990s (USA)