When I labelled this section, I didn't mean by any stretch of the imagination that this was ALL Germany had in the way of My Little Pony. Nor, technically, are they all only German. I know that most if not all of the ponies pictured on these pages were sold across German speaking Europe and, in the case of the Nesthäckchen Baby Ponies, these were also sold in France.

Germany had one of the widest ranging pony lines in Europe over the course of the eighties. Like the UK, they had their own exclusives that were not sold outside of the specific few countries chosen to stock them.

There are always rumours buzzing that these are "UK" ponies. That is actually why I put them in their own special section - because NONE of the ponies linked to from this page were ever EVER sold as part of the UK line. (So if anyone tells you they were, they're lying! LOL)

Where possible, I have tried to give the ponies their correct German names - but German is not my strongest language and I welcome all and any corrections from natives who know these girls a whole lot better than I do!