Grey earth pony with pink hair, pink hearts symbol

My thanks to SHLUGH for all the playset pictures on this page and to Chrissytree for her information on Snuzzle's Grooming Parlour!

We don't know a lot about this release, except for what has come to light through the memories of collectors and those who own the playset itself. Snuzzle's Grooming Parlour was never mentioned on Hasbro's list or on any of the inserts, and it seems likely it was an end of line issue - a way of getting rid of excess Snuzzles and excess blue grooming parlours before the new purple one was released in the latter stages of 1987.

The box, I am told, has clearly been Hasbro-edited to show Snuzzle instead of Peachy, which would support this assumption. The insert with the playset is a 1986 one, though the Parlour on it features Peachy, and this would date the playset to the very end of 1986 or early 1987, before the 1987 insert was out. This would also be supported by the appearance of the name 'Storm' on the pony name cards - Storm being the original production name for the Mountain Boy Pony we better know as Thundercloud.

The pony sold with the Grooming Parlour was Concave Foot Snuzzle (below) and she was sold with Peachy's more familiar pal, "Twinkles" the cat.

Snuzzle: Concave Foot

Twinkles The Cat